Saturday, June 15, 2013

Elizabeth Turns 1

My little girl turned 1 today! I cannot believe it has been a year already. There's been so many high moments with her and a few lows mostly to do with that high pitched scream. I've loved watching her relationship with Benjamin blossom. I really hope they are close and have a great brother and sister relationship.

Elizabeth is in the middle of cutting 4 teeth all on the top. She has been a trooper. She can walk a step or two at a time but mostly wants to crawl as it's faster and more comfortable. Though she has taken up to 5 steps and the other day she was walking with our kids toy plunger as a cane. It was pretty hilarious.

So of course today I took pictures of her! I had fun taking them in her room that I recently decorated. I know just in time to take down and pack up for our move to Utah.

We celebrated Elizabeth's birthday at one of our families favorite parks and had a great time with family and friends. I feel so loved and so blessed by my family and friends and so grateful to be a mom!

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Late Birthday Card Blowing In

The elements were working against me in making this card. My printer was out of ink and then wouldn't work when I got new ink cartridges. I wanted to make it for my son Benjamin's birthday last week but it just didn't happen. So here it is a few days late.
I saw the challenge for this card with bubbles on Hambo Hoedown and inspiration just hit me. Benjamin loves bubbles.