Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Singing Along

So those who know me really well know I love Christmas music! So guess who started listening to Christmas music? Yup! You guessed it! Yours truly! I've only listened to it twice in the last week. Which made me realize I hadn't listened to any in months. I've been pretty happy and stress free I guess. Since I was using it as a pick up to make me happy.
Well today Benjamin and I were listening to it while I was working and it got his attention. So I started recording him. Pardon my singing and yes even with all my listening over the years I don't know all the words sometimes.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gospel Topic Tuesday: Here Am I, Send Me

Our Sunday school lesson was in the book of Isaiah. There was one verse that stood out to me. Isaiah chapter 6 verse 8, "Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me." There was a comment made but I can't recall completely what was said. But what I took away was here was someone being like the Savior. Being willing to go forth and do God's will.

This scripture is about how God needed someone to go and prophesy and Isaiah said he was willing. There is another verse in the scriptures very similar to this. One where a council is being held and a decision made. It's found in Abraham chapter 3 verse 27, "And the Lord said: Whom shall I send? And one answered like unto the Son of Man: Here am I, Send me. And another answered and said: Here am I, send me. And the Lord said: I will send the first." This was Jesus Christ and Lucifer talking. Lucifer wanted to be the one to go down and make sure none of us strayed from the path and wanted all the glory to himself. Jesus Christ was willing to go down and give up His life and follow the plan that Heavenly Father had laid out. And He said the glory would be God's. He wanted to do all His Father asked of him.

Here am I, send me. Such a simple yet profound remark. I find it moving I guess because I am not always so willing to do the Lords work. I need to be better at responding "Here am I, send me." I know that I was put here on this earth for a divine reason. I have missions to carry out that no one else can do if I am willing to do them. I need to be better at responding to the Lord's call "Whom shall I send?" and do it with a glad heart.

I know that when we serve with a happy heart, faith and trust in the Lord we will be blessed. And we will be able to accomplish more with his help then if we were to try to go it on our own.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gospel Topic Tuesday: Time, A Gift From God

My to do list most days requires more time than I have available. Doesn't that seem to be how it goes for most of us?

My mom gave me this short book "All the Time You Need" by Mary Ellen Edmunds. I just finished reading it for the second time and I am looking forward to reading it again with a pen and highlighter. There are so many insightful comments and ideas about time and how we should use it. I will share a few things I have found enlightening.

"Time is a gift. It is a gift from God. We can't demand more, and we can't insist on less." (All the Time You Need, Mary Ellen Edmunds) I personally had never thought about how time was a gift given unto us. I knew from studying the scriptures and personal prayer that my life was a gift and each day I have is precious. But I had never taken it further to realize each minute of the day was a gift given to me. What am I doing with that gift? Am I discarding it? Throwing it aside? Am I using it to it's fullest? Am I sharing it with others to benefit them?

Elder Dallin H. Oaks said, "Most of us have more things expected of us than we can possibly do." (
Dallin H. Oaks, “Good, Better, Best,” Ensign, Nov 2007) How many of us feel this way? It's true is it not? So since we have more things to do than we have time how do we decide which things to do? Which things get our attention first? "We all have a long list of things to do, whether written down or rattling around in our brains: pray; study; exercise; plant a garden, eat it; raise brilliant, cheerful, reverent children; clean a basement; write in a journal; avoid fat, calories, movie theater popcorn and evil thoughts; pray for your enemies; store a year's supply of food; say yes to everything anyone asks you to do and hunt for more things to do; plant trees; remember the pioneers..." (All the Time You Need, Mary Ellen Edmunds).

We have been told by our Prophets and apostles that if we put the Lord first everything else will fall into place. So how do we put the Lord first? What do we need to do? We need to study our scriptures, say our prayers (both alone and as a family), attend the temple and keep a prayer in our hearts throughout the day. "President Harold B. Lee taught: "Most men do not set priorities to guide them in allocating their time [maybe he meant women do?] and most men [and women] forget that the first priority should be to maintain their own spiritual and physical strength [don't forget that]; then comes their family; then the Church; and then their professions."" (All the Time you Need, Mary Ellen Edmunds). President Lee said our first priority needs to be our own spiritual and physical strength. Why is that so important? If we are to do any other good in the world we need to be strengthened first so that we can do the things we need to do and withstand temptations. "We don't put first things first to get them done and out of the way - we put them first because of the critical effect they have on everything that follows." (All the Time You Need, Mary Ellen Edmunds).

"President Ezra Taft Benson taught us that "when we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives. Our love of the Lord will govern the ...demands on our time, the interests we pursue, and the order of our priorities."" (All the Time You Need, Mary Ellen Edmunds) What a comforting statement from President Benson! If we do what we should first (and when I do I feel at my best) everything works out. We are able to accomplish the necessary things and get more done. It's kind of like how the tithing principle works. When we give the Lord the 10% He asks of us in return for all He gives us. If we use our time wisely and use it to draw closer to the Lord first we are better able to find ways to use each minute of the day. It's amazing how it happens. I have seen it happen many times in my life.

Now what about using our time to bless others? "One important thing in my life that troubles me, because I'm not good at it yet, is that I don't want to seem too busy for people, to help or just be with people." (All the Time You Need, Mary Ellen Edmunds) I had a recent experience with this. I was working on projects around the house getting things done while taking care of my son Benjamin. I got a phone call from a good friend. She asked me if I was available to go out and help her window shop for material. My first reaction was no, I was too busy getting things done around the house. As we talked for a few more minutes and she explained how her husband had the older kids and she knew it was last minute I came to realize that my household things were good to be doing but that my time would be better spent with my friend. I got myself ready and off we went to JoAnn's. When I got home that day I felt that I had chosen the better thing to do with my time. I had helped a friend in need and strengthened our friendship.

Time is a precious gift that we are given and we need to do our best to put the Lord first and with his help prioritize the things on our long to do list. I personally do so much better on the days that I start off with scripture study and prayer than the days that I skip them.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gospel Topic Tuesday: Marriage Between a Man and a Woman

I've been reading the Proclamation on the Family a lot over the last week. I found two blogs that are focusing on it for the whole month of September and I've been loving it! While cleaning and organizing on Friday I found the words my Bishop spoke at our wedding. He had it all typed up and gave us the copy. Which I am so glad he did because I was so not paying attention. I was nervous and in a hurry to get married. I read through it and was just touched by so many things he said to us. I felt it was right in line with things taught in the Family Proclamation.

The first line in the proclamation is "We, the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, solemnly proclaim that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and that the family is central to the Creator's plan for the eternal destiny of His children." This proclamation was given to the church and the world in 1995 years before most people questioned what a marriage was. Now there are people all over trying to say that same sex marriage is copacetic. God has made it clear from the very beginning that marriage between a man and a women is what He intended. "Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan." Heavenly Father's purpose for us here on the earth is "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." (Found in Moses 1:39) To make this happen He created families with a Mother and a Father to rear and raise children.

The proclamation states that "Husband and wife have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children." I am going to focus right now specifically on the husband and wife. I find it important how it states that it is a solemn responsibility. We need to not take our relationship with our spouse lightly. In the comments from my Bishop he states "...cleave unto each other, and to none else! And then, together, cleave unto Christ and His gospel. Consider for a moment what that means...what it entails. And, it simply means this: there is no other, period. You are to be each other's best friend, period. You discuss and share emotionally sensitive issues and intimacies only with each other. You don't confide in others, only each other. You discuss and resolve conflict only with each other..." Over the years as I look back after reading this I can see and understand why this is so important. If you are not discussing and confiding things in your spouse you can start to grow apart. It is vitally important that you take time each day with your spouse to discuss your day and your thoughts and feelings.

"Love is more than simply caring for someone. Love is more than giving selflessly of oneself for the other's happiness and well being. Love is more than simply sacrificing, and more than anticipating and meeting the needs of the other. There can be no love without sacrifice, and there can be no sacrifice without discipline. Love is all of these things, combined with deep friendship, trust, concern for the well being and happiness of the other. Love is work...hard, strenuous work, at times. But work that brings an unmatchable reward!" (My Bishop's comments) Sometimes marriage can feel more like work and harder than it used to be when you first fell in love. But things in life that are worth it take hard work.

The proclamation gives guidance on how we can have successful marriages. "Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities." Prayer as a couple is important and should happen every day. We do it every morning and night before we have personal prayers which helps us to make sure we have our personal prayers each day. I think respect and forgiveness are both very important. We must always treat each other with respect. I don't remember where I heard it now but I remember being told that you should never bad mouth or say anything negative about your spouse to others. By not sharing your husband or wife's faults with others or complaining about what they did or didn't do you are showing you respect them. Now of course sometimes we slip and that is just one instance where forgiveness comes in. When we make mistakes we need to go to our spouse and confide in them and ask for forgiveness if we've made a mistake.

I'm very grateful for my husband. He is my best friend and I appreciate each day that I have with him. I know that the proclamation on the family is inspired. And I know that it came out in a time that it would be most needed to help families stick together and be prepared for the times ahead of them.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fighting Sleep

So I am working part time now and doing it from home. This is week 3 and things are going pretty good overall I think. Benjamin and I are getting a pretty good routine down. He will hang out with me on my lap while I work. He will lay on the ground, sit in his chair, swing in his swing, watch TV from his swing and nap. Benjamin really is such a good baby. I worked really hard on my downstairs family room/office this weekend. I am trying to get it organized to help Benjamin and I be able to hang out together and get my work done and his needs met. So I've rearrange my work station and finally got my antique crib set up. Things are starting to come together. I also got rid of a ton of papers! I recycled them! I think I got rid of a total stack of papers about 5-6 inches deep. My friend Sara would be so proud of me!!! I am getting better at getting rid of things little by little. Baby steps.
Anyways when Benjamin is being cute or doing something I want to capture I stop working for a few minutes and record him. I am going to post one video today. It's super cute to me. I have a video before where he was asleep but woke up when I turned the camera on. He refused to go back to sleep while I was recording and he also refused to let me hold him and put him to sleep. He was so tired but fighting it as best as he could. As you can see the sleep won out in the long run.

need another ring

I got the best text ever today!!! It was a simple picture. A picture of my...RING!!! Jared decided to look for my wedding ring tonight and he found it within 2o minutes. It was buried in the bottom of Benjamin's bassinet under his clothes. So it probably fell off while putting his clothes away weeks ago now. I need another ring to hold my wedding ring on now because it can obviously fall off. Since I lost all of my baby fat it has been just barely hanging onto my finger. My mom wears a smaller ring in front of her wedding rings to keep them on. Jared suggested getting it resized but I figure I will go up in weight again with the next baby so I rather not.
Anyways I am just so excited! I was really starting to get worried that it had fallen off at the store or church and was gone forever.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where were you?

Where were you on 9/11/2001? I was living at my sister Cathy's house. I had just moved up from Idaho. I was sleeping in since I had no real responsibilities besides cleaning my sisters house. The phone ringing woke me up. I slowly got out of bed and meandered into the kitchen and picked up the phone from the wall. It was Cathy. I don't remember everything she said I just remember the sinking feeling that came over me as she told me that the United States was under attack. My thoughts turned to my mom. Was she okay? Where was she right then? I tried calling but the phone lines were jammed. Thousands everywhere were trying to call their loved ones. Cathy didn't have TV so I wasn't able to watch the news and see what was going on. I pushed myself to go clean the bathroom and I brought a radio in with me so I could hear the news. I think that was the only time I heard more talking on a music channel than I heard music and actually stayed and listened. I didn't know what to think. I didn't know what to do. I was so worried about my mom.
Thursday night Jared and I watched a special on 9/11 on the History channel. I had seen a preview for it earlier in the week and told him I wanted to see it. Since Cathy didn't have TV I never really saw footage from the attack. I had seen a few pictures over the years but that was it. As we watched it I kept being on the verge of tears. Jared said to me how it was going to be graphic and hard to watch. I knew that and I knew I really wanted to see it. I wanted to see what had happened almost 9 years ago. I couldn't believe it had already been 9 years.
There's a song by Alan Jackson that just moves me to tears every time. It's titled "Where Were You" you can watch it here.
So where were you on 9/11/2001?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Family Proclamation with Photos

I found this cool Linky Party to participate in that is in celebration of The Family Proclamation! Enjoy!

"marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God."

"family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children"

"In the premortal realm, spirit sons and daughters knew and worshiped God as their Eternal Father and accepted His plan by which His children could obtain a physical body and gain earthly experience to progress toward perfection and ultimately realize his or her divine destiny as an heir of eternal life. "

"fathers...are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families"

"Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children"

Monday, September 6, 2010

Gospel Topic Tuesday: Scripture Study

I was reading my scriptures 3 days ago now when I was in need of some insight, direction and comfort. I am always amazed at how they pop out at you when you need it and give you the answers you need at that moment. Yet how easily it is to forget that and to let scripture study pass by for a day and then a week and then months. I have always had a hard time studying my scriptures regularly unless I had a purpose or a goal. Last year I read the Book of Mormon all the way through because I had a goal to read it by a certain date.

So since I hadn't been reading my scriptures in awhile I didn't have a place to pick up from. I fumbled around a bit and then stopped at a highlighted scripture and started reading. It was in the middle of a chapter so once I was done I went back and read the beginning. I was reading in the Book of Mormon in Mosiah chapter 23. Verses 22 and 23 were highlighted. They read as follows, "Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith. Nevertheless -- whosoever putteth his trust in him the same shall be lifted up at the last day. Yea, and thus it was with this people." I found these two verses to be very comforting! The Lord gives us trials to test us and to try us which sometimes is very hard. Yet He tells us that if we trust in Him that we will make it through. By trusting in Him we are showing we have faith in Him. As long as we trust in God we can make it through any trial.

The next day I decided to read the next chapter in Mosiah, chapter 24. And verses 12 - 16 stood out to me. They read as follows, "And Alma and his people did not raise their voices to the Lord their God, but did pour out their hearts to him; and he did know the thoughts of their hearts.
And it came to pass that the voice of the Lord came to them in their afflictions, saying: Lift up your heads and be of good comfort, for I know of the covenant which ye have made unto me; and I will covenant with my people and deliver them out of bondage. And I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions. And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.
And it came to pass that so great was their faith and their patience that the voice of the Lord came unto them again, saying: Be of good comfort, for on the morrow I will deliver you out of bondage."
These scriptures testified to me of how the Lord is aware of us. He is aware of our trials, shortcomings, pains, joys, sorrows and needs. He knows what we need and how to help us make it through this earth life if we turn to Him and ask Him to help us. We have to have faith that He can and will help us and take that leap of faith to move forward.

As I've been pondering thoughts and feelings over the last week while watching family members I've been reminded just how important scripture study is. Daily immersion in the scriptures is necessary for our spirits to be renewed, for us to find the guidance we need in our lives and to bless us with the Holy Ghost each day. I do not disagree though that it is hard. We have so many things to do each day and the "To Do" list is always growing. So how do we make it happen? And how do we find joy in reading the scriptures?

I found a great talk by Russell M. Nelson titled "Living by Scriptural Guidance". He has some great insights into how to make scripture study happen each day and how to make the scriptures come alive for us personally. He says that "Achieving scriptural guidance is aided by posing pertinent questions.” I have found in my life that when I go to the scriptures with a question or a need that answers pop out at me and I am able to apply stories and lessons in the scriptures to my life. We then need to "begin with a determination to “liken all scriptures unto us … for our profit and learning."" Instead of just reading the scriptures to read them we need to take the time to apply them and find ways to apply them into our lives. We can put ourselves in the scriptures by inserting our names when the Lord is talking to someone and receive direction.
Now the hardest thing for me sometimes is remembering to go and study my scriptures each day. I will want to do it but I think "oh, I will go do that later." And what happens later for my scripture study never comes. Russell M. Nelson says, "Time for scripture study requires a schedule that will be honored. Otherwise, blessings that matter most will be at the mercy of things that matter least." I can attest that when I set aside a certain time each day to study my scriptures I am more likely to get make it happen then if I keep telling myself it will happen later. I like what Russell M. Nelson said at the end of that quote that the blessings we could reap won't.

I know that personal and family scripture studies are important. They are vital! Heavenly Father will bless us for doing so! Satan is doing all he can right now to tear us down and break up families. He wants nothing more than for us to stop trying and be miserable like he is. Don't let him win. Fight for your family, fight to make scripture study a part of your daily life. Make it a priority and you will reap many blessings. I know that the scriptures are true I bare you my testimony that they are. I have felt the Lord's hand guiding me in my life as I have studied them. I have received answers and comfort. I am grateful that the Book of Mormon was restored in these latter days.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

4 Generations

I can't sleep! Benjamin and Jared are both sound asleep so I figured I would blog. I am tired but my mind won't let go of things.

The last weekend of July/ first weekend of August my family came into town for Benjamin's baby blessing. We decided to have a family party at Flowing Lake. We've come to realize that if you can party outside it is better since the kids have places to play and there's plenty of space. But wouldn't you know it the weather didn't quite cooperate with us. It was gorgeous the day before and the day after if I remember right. But it was cold and tried to rain a few times on our party. It wasn't horribly cold just cold enough that you wanted an extra layer.

Anyways we had fun sitting around eating food. My Aunt Cindy held Benjamin for the first time and was quite taken with him. My mom was pretty jealous because Aunt Cindy got him first. Can't be slow when there is a baby around huh?! Jared went off to fish as he had recently gotten his fishing license and was starting to pick it up as a hobby. He is leaving during the 5 O'clock hour tomorrow to go fishing too. Crazy! (On a side note, I think it's funny how he, Terence and Jared's Dad seem to go through hobby phases together....that's a blog for later maybe.) Dominic and Kailee (my little cousins) and their friends went down and tried their hand at fishing on separate occasions. Jared said that Kailee and her friend were trying to fish with things they found. Discarded twine, branches, rocks etc. Jared let Kailee use his pole and she was bored pretty quick. Obviously the fun of fishing for them was the game of making their stuff. I remember my fishing days and it was more about doing things than really fishing.
My sister Cathy brought her little BBQ and pop up tent and set up camp. She has a ton of camping supplies and is a pro at camping in style. She brought the fixings for smores. I had 2-3 marshmallows. They were so good. They just made me crave more. And for the next several weeks I was craving roasted marshmallows. I finally fulfilled my craving this past weekend at Lake Chelan. MMMM!!!!

My brother Karl and his wife Tausha came up from the Boise area with my mom. It was the first time they had come up here. It was great to see them and hang out with them. Tausha and I both agree we did not have enough time and are looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Alright enough gabbing...time for pictures.

4 Generations! Nana, Granny, Mommy and Benjamin!
This is my sister Tausha. Isn't she beautiful?! I love her so much! She is so amazing!

This is my niece Jillian and her older brother, my nephew, Blake. They are both so adorable and precious. I got a few really good shots of them while they were playing in the trees.

Here is my brother Karl hold Benjamin. The sun finally came out so he was giving him some shade with his hat. Too cute!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reading Books!

I love to read! I don't read as much as would like or used to (except I read all the, emails, blogs, etc). Reading a book really has become a luxury. I remember reading in all my spare time as a kid. Those were the days huh?! When you had no other worries or real responsibilities.
This past Monday Jared and I stopped at the Desert Bookstore to give Benjamin some time out of his car seat and wait for him to finish before changing his diaper. Of course while walking around I saw a book or two I wanted. Jared told me I could buy one if I actually read it. Hhmmm! Yes I buy books or borrow them and don't read them! Or I read them a little at a time.
Below is a list of books I have read or am reading (just a few, I have a ton downstairs that I've never read and read of course):
The Mozart Effect for Children
I bought this book online from Amazon. I bought it when I was pregnant. I had read a portion of it in college when doing a paper on the Mozart Theory. I still haven't finished it completely.
An LDS Girls guide to Real Beauty
I bought this at the Desert Bookstore. I saw it while perusing the Young Women section. I have finished this book and used it for one young women activity.
Keepers of What Matter Most (A Young Woman's Guide to Living the Values)
I bought this at the Desert Bookstore at the same time as above. I got it after my Personal Progress leader used it at church. It looked like a good book to read and have. I haven't finished it yet. Taking it one section at a time and writing in my journal after each section.
We've Been Waiting for You
My mom got this for me for my birthday. It was and is right on par with how I felt about having my little Benjamin come into my life. I have finished reading it.
All the Time You Need
This one my mom also got me at the same time for my birthday. It was a wonderful short book. I am so re-reading it many more times. It was very insightful.
House of Learning (Getting More from Your Temple Experience)
This is the one I just bought on Monday. I started reading it yesterday. So far so good! I totally judged it by the title and cover. Something about it resonated with me and made me think of a section in my patriarchal blessing.
65 Signs of the Times (Leading Up to the Second Coming)
I bought this one after hearing about it from my sister Tausha. She highly recommended it. I am almost done reading it.
Counseling With Our Councils (Learning to Minister Together in the Church and in the Family)
I got this one quite some time ago. I started it but didn't finish it.
God Wants a Powerful People
I loved this book! It was a great read!
No Doubt About It
I also loved this book. I got it before the one above. It was a great read also.
To Him That Believeth (Claiming Heaven's Blessings)
I borrowed this from my mom's collection some time ago. I seem to do this almost every trip. I will be sitting in her back sewing room (yes she has two sewing rooms) and start looking over her collection of books and poke around and borrow something. I don't think I've given them all back. Oops! I have finished reading this one. It was very powerful and insightful.
For Such a Time As This (Talks from the 2007 BYU Women's Conference)
I've borrowed this one from my friend Sara (which reminds me my friend Meredith has a good book of mine). It has been a great book so far. I need to finish it and give it back. I really shouldn't be allowed to borrow things. I am a horrible returner!!!
The Tribe of Ephraim (Covenant and Bloodline)
I bought this awhile ago at the Desert Bookstore and I started it but I have not finished it. I got it because I am from the tribe of Ephraim.
All Twilight Books
We all know I love these books and have read them thoroughly. Not as much as some people I know but I've read them more than once.
Isn't it funny how lots of books have a subtitle? So currently I am in the middle of reading 5 different books. Plus my scriptures and the monthly Ensign. I was reading the Ensign last night while holding Benjamin. He was getting tired so I took him upstairs to his room and rocked him. I saw my Ensign on the shelf and grabbed it. After a few minutes I tried to lay Benjamin down for a nap but he instantly curled up his face and went all red and screamed. I immediately picked him up and said to myself "You know what, it's okay I will stay here and hold you and read as long as you need me! My quilting will just have to wait as you are more important." I really enjoyed myself watching him sleep and filling myself with spiritual lessons from the Ensign.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary! 5 Years!

Almost 2 weeks later and I am finally going to write about my anniversary. Jared and I celebrated 5 wonderful years of marriage on August 20th. At the beginning of August while cleaning I found my stash of gift cards and certificates to various places. We had $100 dollars to a few different restaurants, mostly in Seattle, that we had never gone to. We never went because of the locations and not being overly found of Seattle. And since we now had Benjamin I figured my chances of going were even less likely. I debated posting them and selling them for cash...I was thinking like $80 dollars for $100 dollar value not bad eh. I hadn't spent any money so I was gaining some cash to spend wherever I wanted. Then my thoughts went to our anniversary and I began to plot.
I scouted out the restaurants and their menu's online. I decided on The Met (aka The Metropolitan Grill)! I planned for Jared to go to work with his co-worker so I could pick him up after he was done. I called the restaurant placed our order (after figuring out semi casually from Jared what his favorite steak was) and drove to Seattle to pick it up.

While driving to Seattle I got side tracked by the speed of the freeway and the beauty of the day and missed the 520 so I took the I-90. Which turned out to be awesome because I love those tunnels. It was a gorgeous day! The sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful blue. I couldn't help feeling good and smiling. It was a great day to celebrate our wedding!

Traffic was not bad at all so I picked Jared up earlier than planned but who would complain getting off of work early. We decided to go to Farrell McWhirter park in Redmond since it was close and I had two $50 dollar steaks in the back. Jared did not want them to get any cooler than necessary.

The food was delicious! I brought everything to make it a nice picnic. Napkins, place mats, silverware, steak knives, cups, juice, water, and a salad with dressing. I went a little overboard but that is how I typically am. I love to make it fun and memorable.

Benjamin had fallen asleep on the way to Seattle and slept through everything. We finally woke him up after we were done eating. We wanted to walk around the park and show him everything. It was a trip down memory lane as this was the same park we took our wedding announcement photos at.
Benjamin starring at a horse!
Benjamin and his Mommy!
Benjamin and his Daddy!
A nice family photo!

Jared got me two dozen roses! They smelled amazing. I made two different arrangements.