Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Movie Time

I am going to go see "The Last Song" soon with my good friend Heather! This movie looks really good. I love Nicolas Sparks stories. They are always so moving. I saw a preview for this awhile ago and was like "hmm, I want to see that." And today it was on MSN and I watched the trailers and features and music video that can all be found here.
I'm so excited to go see this movie.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How dirty is it?

Do you ever look around your house and realize how dirty it is? It's probably a good idea if you don't. The less you are aware of the better right?! I certainly feel that way most days. :) I was going to go around my house and take pictures of things that are dirty but then I decided I didn't want people to judge me. :) LOL
Now I am not talking about the typical every day dirt on your carpet, or the dishes in the sink, or the dirt on the kitchen floor, or the papers on the counters etc. I am talking about the stuff you don't normally see every day or you do but don't realize just how dirty it is.
So for example, here are some places to go check out...
  1. Blinds
  2. Above kitchen cabinets
  3. On top of closets that have a flat surface ( as in there's space between it and the ceiling)
  4. Dryer trap
  5. Washer machine inside edges (just under the lid and in the lid track)
  6. Walls
  7. Hand rails
  8. Doors
  9. Outside windows
  10. Window tracks
  11. Sliding door tracks
  12. Plants (like Ivy)
  13. Backside/underside of toilets
  14. Floor woodwork trim
  15. Cabinet doors/drawers
  16. Inside cabinets (like the spice cabinet)

Now maybe most people are better housekeepers than me and most of these things are part of their regular routine. But for me the above things are not on my regular cleaning list. But I do get a stick up my butt upon occasion and dig into the deeper level of cleaning and ignore the typical cleaning I do. It's amazing to me just how dirty and filthy things can get. Some of these things I'm trying to incorporate into a quarterly or twice yearly cleaning cycle.

Let's be honest how many of you are now going around checking things out around your house to see what needs to be cleaned?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PUKING!!! Again!!!

I totally forgot about something I was going to blog about on Monday! PUKING!!! Again!!!
Jared and I were driving to work. We hadn't gotten very far and I was crying over some things that had happened. Which was not a good thing to be doing. I started gagging on the snot and felt it hit. I was going to puke! I told Jared to pull over. He did quickly and I threw off my seat belt and knelt down on the ground while pulling the door handle to open the door quickly. I did not want to puke in my car. I heaved a bit and then I puked 2 times. I felt awful! All because I was crying, couldn't breath and was producing snot to choke on.
That's 2 times on the side of Hwy 2 now. Both in very different locations though.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm only one person ya know?!

Work is getting busier and busier! I'm on two high profile projects and each are demanding more time. I was hoping one I could be released from soon but after a call today they are wanting me 100%. Which of course the other project I am also wanted for 100%. What's a girl to do? I am only one person and my job is not my life. I try very hard to make sure that is known.
Another thing that gets me is that I've been slacking over the past month or so and yet they still think I am doing a great job and can't live without me. And I'm like seriously?!!! I don't even feel like I am pulling my weight right now. So what does that say about everyone around me? What does that say about me?
I'm very grateful for the way I was raised and the skills my mom taught me from a very young age. I've been looking back over my last 6 years of work and I've been truly blessed in the paths of work. I went from being a receptionist to being a Program Manager at Microsoft. It's crazy! When I stop to think about it I'm in a kind of awe. I know the Lord has blessed me and my family immensely. I would never have thought I would be here and especially now that I am getting fought over at work. It's kind of funny to me in some respects and in others it's like leave me alone.
As my pregnancy winds down to the final stretch though anxieties at work are definitely running high.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

Jared and I left the house this morning around the usual 6:30am time frame. There were no clouds to be seen in the sky. So of course that meant freezing cold temperatures and fog. I love the fog in the morning. It makes things seem mystical! We live in a really beautiful area and the fog just seems to enhance the beauty of everything. We were driving down the valley and I was looking to the left and I could see the tip of the hill (not quite a mountain) and the trees but it was all encased in this fog except one section between the fog layers. I pointed out towards Jared's window and said "It's so beautiful!" He agreed with me.
Well as we progressed along our way to work we climb through areas of no fog and lots of fog but the best part is when we get to Jared's work. He is in another valley so it fills up with fog and there is the hillside behind him. The sun was rising and making things sparkle like diamonds. I long for the time to just run around with my camera and capture these early morning moments forever on film.
I am at work now and watching things come to life as the sun warms up the grass and melts the lightly frozen dew. Birds are dancing from here to there. I love days like today where everything is gorgeous and beautiful.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Going Backwards

So I am going a little backwards! So what?!? Last week I started reading Breaking Dawn because it's my favorite Twilight book. And then I decided to read Eclipse because the movie is coming out in June and I wanted to prep myself for it. Which it was exciting to read that and then see the trailer. A lot of things made sense to me in the trailer once I finished the book. Several parts were more from the end. So I thought that was going to be it but now I started on New Moon because the movie is coming out this month. I cannot wait to buy it and watch it over and over and all the extras!!! It comes out on the 20th but I can't watch it until next month. Stupid No Media month. Which I realize I haven't been totally not doing no media just no TV. :) If I watch it with Olga that's a family thing....hee hee hee!!! We shall see if I decide to read Twilight after New Moon. It's really interesting going backwards by the way.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am grateful!

I am grateful I am not in a car on Hwy 2 today. From where we live we have a decent view of traffic on Hwy 2. And Sunday afternoon's to early evening are never pleasant. Everyone is coming home and the traffic lights back things up.

Anyways it's been an enjoyable Sunday afternoon. I read for several hours and ate several Oreo cookies!!!! I want more but they are all gone now. Jared and Olga ate a few but it was mostly me. If I keep that habit up I will gain too much weight. My little boy seemed to enjoy them too because he got pretty active.

I made a lot of progress on the scrap booking front. I've got tons to do but I got started on things a week or so ago. I set up my little table in the family room to be able to scrapbook and be accessible to Jared. But the problem is my mess stays out in the open which I know Jared doesn't like. But it makes my life easy enough to stop and just work until I am done. I've gotten through about 5-6 different events now but I still have 8-12 printed off already and tons more to print off. Need to make more time for it.

Yesterday we worked in the Nursery! We finished emptying the room, taped the trim, door, sockets and window. And I scrubbed the walls down. It was a kids room before and there were lots of sticky things on the walls. It's gross how dirty things get.

Well anyways it's been a great weekend. Lots done but still more to do. I am hoping for a light week to stay home mostly and get things done.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mind Reading

Why can't everyone just read my mind? I mean really is it too much to ask. Don't you know what I expect of you and want all the time? If I've asked for it to happen once in the past doesn't that automatically mean it should always happen going forward? I don't think it's too much to ask!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Will not be here fast enough! I am so going to the movies with my friend Heather with my newborn in tow. :) I just watched the full on trailer and it looks so cool! Watch it here.
So many exciting things to look forward to right now!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eclipse Teaser Trailer

Yes! I know I am pathetic but I know there are others like me out there and some that are worse. I got an email update today with a real teaser trailer. It's only 10 seconds but I love it! You can find it here. The email said there's another one to come out tomorrow. I can't wait!!!!

Yesterday I was online searching for trailers and there were no real ones yet. I found out that if you go to see Remember Me that you can see a trailer in the pre-views for Eclipse. And also certain copies of New Moon releasing in a few weeks will have Eclipse information on it. Remember Me looks kind of good, Robert Pattinson looks good and I found one clip funny about the ash tray where the lady says it completes the room. How on earth can an ash tray complete a room?

I started reading Breaking Dawn again yesterday and I thought I wouldn't be so addicted this time around. Boy was I ever wrong. Still just as addicting! I have to force myself to put it down.

I really don't want to wait for Eclipse to come out I want it now and Breaking Dawn. I sort of wish I hadn't fallen into this world yet. It's the whole instant gratification thing I guess. Oh well, I will have to deal and just wait.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Thoughts

  1. There's so much to do and yet I feel like no time.
  2. I'm frustrated that I drove all the way into work today for no reason at all!
  3. Debating working from home part time tomorrow.
  4. Will Accenture meet all my demands? I semi hope they don't, is that bad?!
  5. I love my husband! He is so thoughtful and loving!
  6. I love the sunshine! I wish I was out driving in it. Oh wait I will be in 15 minutes. :)
  7. I don't want to make bread tonight. It's a lot of work and if I hadn't come into the office I totally would store bought is going to win!
  8. I've been scrap booking in my spare time and I am so in love with the pictures from Auntie Em's Daycare I mean Photography... :) Some of them look so professional and the kids were so into it!
  9. I'm a grown woman and in control of herself right?
  10. I just want to crawl into bed and read now. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gestational Diabetes???

And the verdict is in!!!! No more Glucose beverage for me! HOORAY!!!! I was so happy and surprised they called so fast with the results. Everything is just going along so well and I am so grateful that is the case.
Jared did caution me to not go overboard with the sugar still.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sugar water and blood work!!!!

So today was my Glucose test day! Whoo hoo! Man I was excited! Sugar water and blood work!!!! Such fun! Jared asked me on the way into the office this morning if I was excited? I was like about what? He said "If you have to ask then the answer is no." And he was right. No one has said anything positive about the Glucose drink and I really hate needles. I hate needles so much that last night I was actually making myself sick thinking about it.
Anyways so the timing of my Dr's appointment and when I needed to down the stuff was interesting. I had a meeting today where I was in with the GM of my org and had to present. Towards the end of the meeting was when I needed to drink the stuff. I was already nervous about the idea of presenting and being in this meeting as it was a first for me. Add to that the worry of throwing up or gagging on this drink that I had to down in 5 minutes. I was a little stressed.
So the time was going by and quickly approaching the time I had to take my special drink. I got it out of my bag and tried to be discreet. I took the first sip and I was like oh this isn't that bad. I can handle this. I took another sip and was like oh not so good. I took another one and I was like oh my gosh this is gross!!!!! I stopped drinking for a minute or two and looked at the clock and looked at the bottle and was like SERIOUSLY 5 MINUTES IS NOT LONG ENOUGH!!!!! I had 2 minutes left and a lot to drink still. I just kept going and tried not to look disgusted and then my stomach started to feel funny. I felt like I was going to puke!
I am adding to the Glucose yucky list that the stuff ain't great and 5 minutes is definitely not long enough. I am hoping I pass because doing another round and double the amount of beverage is not kosher.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I would rather be...

I'm really bored! Well I don't know if that's the right term. I don't want to WORK ANYMORE!!! Can't I quit right now? Well I guess I could no one is stopping me but myself. I'm on a lot of important projects so that is holding me back from leaving now. Plus we need the money. They say money isn't everything but I tell ya' what it sure is necessary. It's like a necessary evil.
I've got lots of things I much rather be doing. I would rather be quilting...working on baby items...creating some new crafts...painting the the my office...organizing my studio...taking a nap...practicing the piano...making a dessert...and the list goes on.
Yet here I am trying to be responsible and get something done that is work related. I almost wish that it were May. I know I should enjoy every minute of being pregnant and overall I think I am but I can't wait to hold my little boy. I've waited a very long time for him. After waiting years what's a few more months right?! Well it's a kind of torture sometimes because he is so close and I know he's there but not quite in my reach.
Alright back to work I go. But I will be day dreaming about my list of things I rather be doing.