Friday, October 19, 2012

4 Month Old Soprano

Elizabeth turned 4 months old this past Monday. I cannot believe she's already 4 months old. People think she's older though because she is so big and has such great neck control. I have big babies what can I say.
Elizabeth is such a blessing to our family. We really love her! She has these beautiful blue eyes that will smile first before the smile hits her mouth sometimes. I love those moments. She recently had her first giggle. It was so awesome to her that little baby laugh. I totally had a mommy moment!
At night she sleeps amazing! She goes down and sleeps for 5-6 hours or more and then wakes up and nurses and sleeps for another 2-3 hours and repeat. I am actually doing really good now at putting her back in her bassinet. Which is awesome for all of us because I sleep better and so does Jared but then we are also accessible to Benjamin when he wakes up in the middle of the night and needs us.
She loves her bath time! Getting out of the tub not so much a favorite. Or getting dressed for that matter. Though she does enjoy getting her diaper changed. We figure it's because of the one on one attention. She is taking shorter naps during the day which is hard on me but at least she sleeps great at night.
Benjamin is a source of great entertainment to Elizabeth. She loves to watch him run and jump around the house. I love the moments when they get close to each other and just seem to have a sibling moment between them.
Now we thought the Banshee scream was going away since she is able to handle me eating wheat and dairy again (HALLELUJAH!) but unfortunately not. It's not used for "I am in pain" anymore at least but she is obviously destined for some high soprano music. For example if you listen to this song by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and you hear those high notes....yeah Elizabeth can hit those high notes no problem. And she will do it while babbling to herself all happy.
I think some of my favorite moments with her are holding her at night after nursing and just feeling her breath on my neck and feeling her body become relaxed as she drifts off to sleep.


I've stumbled upon something really cool! I am super excited to share this new find with you! Are you excited to see? Here you go...

This was from Benjamin playing in our backyard on September 9th, 2012. It was a perfect family day!

Storyboards are templates that you use in Photoshop to arrange multiple pictures. I stumbled upon them while blog hopping this week and fell in love! The world of possibilities is pretty endless. Just need pictures and your creativity. Oh, what will this do for my scrap booking?!! I'm totally jumping up and down inside my body.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Week in Review

I know it's longer than a week but I'm a little behind.

Princess Elizabeth September 24th, 2012

Benjamin eating a sucker from his Grandma Lutz on September 24th, 2012

Anyone who has been in my home can you tell what is missing? Getting rid of the old stereo and putting Benjamin's easel there has really opened the space down here. (09/27/12)

Benjamin loves to climb up and sit right in front of the TV now. He will run his finger across the screen or put his face on the screen. (09/27/2012)
Can you find Benjamin? Jared was organizing all the clean laundry to fold it. (09/28/2012)

I love my little toe-headed boy. (09/28/2012)

Elizabeth's blue eyes have a nice sparkle to them. (09/28/2012)

Here is Jared being studious! (09/29/2012)

Benjamin found out he could put things in Elizabeth's hands. He took the light saber away from her and tried to give her the car charger. It was a sweet moment but at the same time a realization of needing to keep a close eye on Benjamin playing with his sister. (09/29/2012)

Benjamin will carry this toy all over the house and play with it. (09/29/2012)

I love this little girl! (09/29/2012)

I took this picture to capture the perfect day I was having my family. The whole weekend was amazing. Just time at home and moments captured in the backyard in the amazing weather at the end of September! Thank you Indian Summer! (09/29/2012)

Our backyard is small but yet Benjamin finds ways to be entertained. (09/29/2012)

Elizabeth enjoys back time! (09/29/2012)

Daddy tickling Benjamin! Isn't the sound of a child's laugh amazing?! (09/29/2012)
Sunday afternoon was spent in the backyard again enjoying the sunshine. (09/30/2012)

Even Elizabeth enjoyed time out in the backyard on her play mat. (09/30/2012)

Touchdown! This is for all you football fans. (10/01/2012)

Jeggings anyone? This is one of my favorite outfits. (10/02/2012)

Benjamin is all about everything that Elizabeth uses. Her swing, car seat, chair etc. He climbs right in and swings himself. (10/02/2012)

I printed out some pictures from and taped them up on the easel. It was a big hit for Benjamin. (10/04/2012)

Look at that beautiful smile! (10/04/2012)

Benjamin wanted to finish watching his movie from Elizabeth's car seat. He fell asleep. This is him waking up. (10/08/2012)

Elizabeth enjoys time in her exerciser while I cook dinner. (10/08/2012)

I have found a recipe for homemade tomato soup! It's delicious! This batch though did not turn out very good. (10/08/2012)

The night before I took my kids out for the first time by myself and went shopping. I bought Benjamin a Cars book that is his new favorite thing to walk around with. (10/09/2012)

I went into the office and when I got home I got Benjamin some chocolate milk. Someone was happy! (10/09/2012)

I love this pumpkin hat for my little pumpkin. Jennifer Halverson from church made it and posted it on facebook and I commented and wound up getting one! Hooray! (10/10/2012)

Laughter is the best medicine! (10/10/2012)

Looks it's a giraffe! This cute outfit is almost run out. Our neighbor Lauretta got it for Elizabeth. (10/10/2012)

While working in my craft room yesterday on a project for myself Benjamin climbed into the swing that was set-up against the window. (10/13/2012)