Monday, April 25, 2011

All Dressed Up

We were all dressed up for church and a little extra spiffy since it was Easter. I had to have our pictures taken.

Benjamin finally doesn't have so many neck rolls that we can button up a shirt all the way and add his tie. The tie is from a Christmas outfit but looks good with this outfit. Doesn't he look handsome?!

The bunny is from Sarah. She had brought it to him the week before. Thanks Sarah!

I love our little family!

A Picnic Hit

Since we knew the weather was going to be so nice we planned a picnic with Jared's sister Jacki and his brother Brian also. We had scoped out a new place earlier in the week and it turned out to be perfect. We were the only people at the place where we had our picnic. Just awesome! It got up to 70 degrees! Loved it!

We grilled up hamburgers and hot dogs and enjoyed smores too! I had some fun taking pictures of the flowers. There were forget me nots and little daisies and dandelions. It was gorgeous (at least to me, Jared just saw weeds)!

After lunch we packed up and drove down to the river, where the boys could throw rocks to their hearts content. Benjamin loved watching Connor and Corey throw rocks. It became a game to just make Benjamin laugh.

We went exploring further up the river to the old train tracks. I had wanted to check these out for quite some time. There are 3 different sections now that I know of. I just need to stop at the other 2 spots.

It was a wonderful day of fun and hanging out with friends and family. I love days like this!

Yard Work Together

After the Easter Egg Hunt we went home and had some breakfast and then went to work outside. We did weeding, trimmed bushes and trees, and Benjamin played. It was actually day two of yard work since the weather was just wonderful!

It was so much fun hanging out together outside and working. Benjamin just played with a shovel and some other tools and walked back and forth between Jared and I. Sometimes we had to monitor a little more closely as he decided to climb the stairs or go out into the street.

On Friday Benjamin played with his stroller but on Saturday he sat in it when he got tired. He just chilled while we cleaned things up. Our yard looks so nice and open now in the front. Love it!

Grass Clippings & Eggs

This past Saturday our ward at church had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. I went to help set-up and only planned to do that and grab a muffin and go. But after talking with my friend Felicia and sister in-law Jacki I decided to stay and let Benjamin hunt for eggs.

Oh got to back up one second. I spiked Benjamin's hair into a faux hawk. So cute! It didn't last. He played on the couch before we left and knocked it down quite a bit. Anyways, while setting up the eggs for the hunt with the young women in our ward Benjamin grabbed a few eggs. At one point he was sitting on the ground playing with an egg. Jared turned to see where I was going and turned back and Benjamin had a clump of grass clippings hanging out of his mouth. He quickly dug out the clippings and had to pin him in the car to get the rest out as they were stuck in his gum line. Mmmm fiber!

Once the egg hunt began Benjamin didn't want to do it. One of the girls Julia tried to help him and picked up and egg or two and gave it to him. He calmed down after a few minutes and picked up another egg. I decided it was plenty since he couldn't really eat the candy anyways. Jared didn't give him part of a peppermint patty much to my chagrin.

We went inside and had a few muffins and milk and decided to go home and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Sitting in the Track

Benjamin's Uncle Jason got him this race track for Christmas. Benjamin has been in love with it basically since we set it up. It makes noise and spins the cars out of the track. But Benjamin's favorite pass time with it is to sit in it. He knows how to use the track but most of the time can be found sitting in the track with his legs crossed.

We Accepted the Challenge

A week ago yesterday I had my friend Sarah over for dinner. I hadn't seen her in months since I stopped working and decided I needed to rectify the situation. Sarah presented us with a challenge for dinner as she doesn't eat meat except for fish and no carbs currently as she is dieting (which I don't think she needs to, she looks fabulous to me).

Jared and I accepted the challenge and tossed around a few different ideas. We landed on making our chili except with no ground beef in it. We added a salad and it was delicious. Sarah liked it enough we sent her home with some of the leftovers.

After dinner Sarah immediately got on the floor to play with Benjamin. It was so funny how he would walk circles around her as if he was inspecting her or something. It was wonderful to hang out and enjoy eachother's company. We will have to do it again soon.

Friday, April 15, 2011

For Time and All Eternity

So the whole purpose of me going to Idaho was not just to hang out with my mom but to see my brother Karl and his wife Tausha sealed together for time and all eternity along with their 3 beautiful kids.

It was so wonderful to be there to support them. My heart was overflowing with joy for them.

I took a ton of pictures afterwards outside (actually several are by my mom) but I will only post a few.

Karl, Tausha, Blake, Gillian & Savanna

Tausha & Savanna (this is my favorite picture)

Rudy, Karl, myself and Benjamin

Tausha, Karl, Rudy and Mom

Benjamin played by the water fountain after everyone else went inside to change. He just kept making laps around the fountain.

Mowers & Grass

On Saturday in the afternoon we decided to go outside for some fresh air. I knew Benjamin would love it and my mom could show me her ideas for a garden. Benjamin sat on a riding mower while we waited for Rudy to join us.

After walking the property we went into the backyard where Pappa took Benjamin for a little ride. Then Benjamin and I played in the grass while Granny & Pappa worked in their garden beds weeding.

I offered to mow the backyard which I did with Benjamin on my lap. I didn't think much of it but Jared told me later it wasn't the wisest choice.

Benjamin did not like playing in the grass with his hands. Whenever he fell down he would cry.

Granny's House

Benjamin and I went to my mom's this past weekend. It was wonderful to hang out and just relax with my mom. Strangely enough we didn't sew a single sewing project! Life changes with children I guess.

We flew to Idaho, thankfully on the flight over it was empty so Benjamin got to ride in his car seat. He knocked out shortly after take off. On the way back the flight was packed so he sat on my lap but knocked out yet again but this time during take off. Traveling with an infant is a little tricky but I managed. I was definitely a sight to see walking through the terminal. Everyone was kind and patient but some funny looks and even cheers were heard. Seriously a lady yelled, "You go Mom!" I had Benjamin on my front in a baby carrier, I had the diaper bag backpack on my back, I had my wallet and ticket in one hand and Benjamin's car seat in the other hand hefted up over my shoulder. All I can say is thank goodness I've been working out lately because it was quite the workout getting through the airport. Oh and once I got to Idaho my mom wasn't there yet so add me picking up my suitcase and rolling it behind me.

I am woman...hear me roar!!!

Benjamin warmed up to Granny's house pretty quick. He loved playing with the ottoman by climbing on it and turning around and getting down. Seriously over and over like 20 times in a row. He liked their dog Buddy at first especially picking up his tennis ball and dropping towards him to fetch. But Benjamin quickly came to realize Buddy's tail was the enemy. He still liked Buddy but not his tail. Benjamin is the perfect height for a tail straight in the face hit.

Here is Granny trying to play with Benjamin. Unfortunately Benjamin is at the stranger danger phase and is a momma's boy. She never really got to hold and cuddle with him.

Childhood Lessons

On April Fool's Benjamin got to try his first pancake by himself. I made cute little pancakes just for him that we ripped up into smaller pieces. He went to town eating the pancakes!

After breakfast Benjamin went about his usual routine of playing in the living room for awhile. He had been trying to climb up into my Grandmother's rocking chair for a few days now and today was the day he got it. We let him play in it for a little bit before retiring it to the spare bedroom.

Benjamin was so proud of himself getting up there but we worried about toppling over and getting a scar on his forehead like his Daddy or knocking out a baby tooth like his mommy.

Follow Me

My good friend Heather has started coaching Track with me and so my husband being so kind is watching her son Wyatt. Benjamin gets to have a play date of sorts every day now. From what I hear some days are better than others. Benjamin loves to follow Wyatt around which he doesn't always appreciate. Some times they get close together and just watch TV like below. Too cute!!

(Can you tell what they are watching?)

Wyatt has crawled around on the floor imitating Benjamin and Benjamin has tried to walk faster (almost run) like Wyatt. Hopefully these boys will be good friends as they grow up.

This last picture is of Wyatt in Benjamin's bouncy chair. He was able to climb in without any help but getting out wasn't so easy. Benjamin now tries to climb up into it also. Benjamin showed Wyatt how to open the cabinet's behind them on their first day hanging out. Jared then told Wyatt we don't open those which in turn Wyatt tried to teach Benjamin that while shutting his fingers in it. Oops. You live and learn!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gen Con Weekend!

General Conference weekend is coming to a close. I feel so enlightened and uplifted. There are so many thoughts and feelings I have had. It was nice watching it from the comfort of our home and letting Benjamin run around. Benjamin's favorite thing to do was to climb up the end of the couch and then onto the couch and then fall off onto the ground on top of the couch cushions. I have a journal I keep all of my thoughts in from General Conference and other meetings like Stake Conference and the Relief Society broadcast. I have written down impressions, ideas and quotes I really enjoyed. I can't wait until the Ensign for May is here now so I can study even further for more revelations. A few thoughts I will share now...

  • What does your purse say about you? Or wallet? Does it show what you believe in or anything about your character?

  • While the husband and wife are equal partners the husband is the head of the home and the wife is the heart of the home.

  • We live in challenging times but we need to not let fear displace our faith.

  • We need to be grateful for our challenges and the lessons we learn from them.

  • The time with our children is special and needs to be held in high esteem. The chores can wait.

  • "Thank you Mr. Gardner for loving me enough to cut me down!"

If you missed any of conference I suggest you watch it as soon as you can. You can find it all here.