Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gen Con Weekend!

General Conference weekend is coming to a close. I feel so enlightened and uplifted. There are so many thoughts and feelings I have had. It was nice watching it from the comfort of our home and letting Benjamin run around. Benjamin's favorite thing to do was to climb up the end of the couch and then onto the couch and then fall off onto the ground on top of the couch cushions. I have a journal I keep all of my thoughts in from General Conference and other meetings like Stake Conference and the Relief Society broadcast. I have written down impressions, ideas and quotes I really enjoyed. I can't wait until the Ensign for May is here now so I can study even further for more revelations. A few thoughts I will share now...

  • What does your purse say about you? Or wallet? Does it show what you believe in or anything about your character?

  • While the husband and wife are equal partners the husband is the head of the home and the wife is the heart of the home.

  • We live in challenging times but we need to not let fear displace our faith.

  • We need to be grateful for our challenges and the lessons we learn from them.

  • The time with our children is special and needs to be held in high esteem. The chores can wait.

  • "Thank you Mr. Gardner for loving me enough to cut me down!"

If you missed any of conference I suggest you watch it as soon as you can. You can find it all here.

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