Monday, April 25, 2011

A Picnic Hit

Since we knew the weather was going to be so nice we planned a picnic with Jared's sister Jacki and his brother Brian also. We had scoped out a new place earlier in the week and it turned out to be perfect. We were the only people at the place where we had our picnic. Just awesome! It got up to 70 degrees! Loved it!

We grilled up hamburgers and hot dogs and enjoyed smores too! I had some fun taking pictures of the flowers. There were forget me nots and little daisies and dandelions. It was gorgeous (at least to me, Jared just saw weeds)!

After lunch we packed up and drove down to the river, where the boys could throw rocks to their hearts content. Benjamin loved watching Connor and Corey throw rocks. It became a game to just make Benjamin laugh.

We went exploring further up the river to the old train tracks. I had wanted to check these out for quite some time. There are 3 different sections now that I know of. I just need to stop at the other 2 spots.

It was a wonderful day of fun and hanging out with friends and family. I love days like this!

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