Friday, April 15, 2011

For Time and All Eternity

So the whole purpose of me going to Idaho was not just to hang out with my mom but to see my brother Karl and his wife Tausha sealed together for time and all eternity along with their 3 beautiful kids.

It was so wonderful to be there to support them. My heart was overflowing with joy for them.

I took a ton of pictures afterwards outside (actually several are by my mom) but I will only post a few.

Karl, Tausha, Blake, Gillian & Savanna

Tausha & Savanna (this is my favorite picture)

Rudy, Karl, myself and Benjamin

Tausha, Karl, Rudy and Mom

Benjamin played by the water fountain after everyone else went inside to change. He just kept making laps around the fountain.

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  1. The pictures turned out great! I took that picture of Tausha and Savanna in that angle just to see how it would look. I am so glad it turned out nice. Blake, Jillian and Savanna are so blessed to have such a loving family that would come from near and far to witness this blessed event. Don't forget to send me the pictures. Did you send Tausha you blog site?