Monday, April 25, 2011

Grass Clippings & Eggs

This past Saturday our ward at church had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. I went to help set-up and only planned to do that and grab a muffin and go. But after talking with my friend Felicia and sister in-law Jacki I decided to stay and let Benjamin hunt for eggs.

Oh got to back up one second. I spiked Benjamin's hair into a faux hawk. So cute! It didn't last. He played on the couch before we left and knocked it down quite a bit. Anyways, while setting up the eggs for the hunt with the young women in our ward Benjamin grabbed a few eggs. At one point he was sitting on the ground playing with an egg. Jared turned to see where I was going and turned back and Benjamin had a clump of grass clippings hanging out of his mouth. He quickly dug out the clippings and had to pin him in the car to get the rest out as they were stuck in his gum line. Mmmm fiber!

Once the egg hunt began Benjamin didn't want to do it. One of the girls Julia tried to help him and picked up and egg or two and gave it to him. He calmed down after a few minutes and picked up another egg. I decided it was plenty since he couldn't really eat the candy anyways. Jared didn't give him part of a peppermint patty much to my chagrin.

We went inside and had a few muffins and milk and decided to go home and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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