Friday, April 15, 2011

Granny's House

Benjamin and I went to my mom's this past weekend. It was wonderful to hang out and just relax with my mom. Strangely enough we didn't sew a single sewing project! Life changes with children I guess.

We flew to Idaho, thankfully on the flight over it was empty so Benjamin got to ride in his car seat. He knocked out shortly after take off. On the way back the flight was packed so he sat on my lap but knocked out yet again but this time during take off. Traveling with an infant is a little tricky but I managed. I was definitely a sight to see walking through the terminal. Everyone was kind and patient but some funny looks and even cheers were heard. Seriously a lady yelled, "You go Mom!" I had Benjamin on my front in a baby carrier, I had the diaper bag backpack on my back, I had my wallet and ticket in one hand and Benjamin's car seat in the other hand hefted up over my shoulder. All I can say is thank goodness I've been working out lately because it was quite the workout getting through the airport. Oh and once I got to Idaho my mom wasn't there yet so add me picking up my suitcase and rolling it behind me.

I am woman...hear me roar!!!

Benjamin warmed up to Granny's house pretty quick. He loved playing with the ottoman by climbing on it and turning around and getting down. Seriously over and over like 20 times in a row. He liked their dog Buddy at first especially picking up his tennis ball and dropping towards him to fetch. But Benjamin quickly came to realize Buddy's tail was the enemy. He still liked Buddy but not his tail. Benjamin is the perfect height for a tail straight in the face hit.

Here is Granny trying to play with Benjamin. Unfortunately Benjamin is at the stranger danger phase and is a momma's boy. She never really got to hold and cuddle with him.

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  1. He surely did get a tail wagging! It was great watching him play!