Friday, October 30, 2009


I had no idea pregnancy brain really could affect you this much. I grab my purse this morning and walk out to the car. We drive all the way to work and I get out to go in and grab my purse. I stop and look for my laptop bag and can't find it anywhere. "I left it at home? I thought it was in the car?" I told Jared "looks like I am going back home." He teases me about how forgetful I am lately and my pregnant brain. I get home and walk in and there on the chair next to where my purse was this morning is my laptop bag.


I had no idea. I don't feel a lot different brain wise but apparently I am more forgetful. Though I tend to think it's my normal blonde forgetfulness Jared suggests I just embrace my pregnant brain. So right now I apologize up front if I forget to do something, forget about you, stand you up or anything you can think of. I'm sorry but I'm pregnant and won't be the same for awhile apparently.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Letters to my unborn child

As some of you may know we had our 1st Dr's appointment last week. I was really nervous to go to the Dr. Years of ingrained dislike and distrust for Dr's and especially the needles. Anyways we had an ultrasound done and that was just amazing. We got to here the heartbeat and see pictures. It was just so cool! We have a picture of our little peanut now.

We found out from the ultrasound that we were two weeks less along than we originally thought. We are totally fine with it because we get two more weeks to get things ready and prepare for bringing this bundle of joy into our lives.

I still have moments where I start thinking about I'm pregnant and what a joy it is. It's not like I truly forget but I just smile and my attitude changes. We are so excited and feel so blessed to finally be able to have a child.

I started writing a letter (will be letters) last week to our unborn child. I'm just writing down thoughts and feelings. I don't want to forget anything and want our child to know how we felt, things we experienced and have it for their records someday. I guess you could call it a journal but it's not in my personal journal though I am sure I will have some overlap there. I just enjoy writing and it came to me last week to do it, so I started.


I just found a new blog that's right after my heart! A Craftaholic! I just quickly ran over some of her posts and fell in love. I found her blog on my cousin Ashley's blog. She's got tons listed for me to check out.

So the Craftaholic blog is

I hope you enjoy! Some great ideas on there!

Monday, October 19, 2009

How many broken bones?

My mom sent me this video. It is amazing. This guy has some real talent. But what I wonder is how many broken bones has he gotten while learning how to do tricks like this?

You've got to watch this. My favorite part is where he goes up the tree and does a complete flip.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Common Decency

What does it take to make sure the toilet flushes?! An extra 30 seconds maybe. I mean really you like going to a clean toilet right? I do and I always make sure it flushes before I leave the stall. No one wants to look at your mess and I certainly wouldn't want anyone to look at mine. So for pity sakes make sure it goes down.

And is it too much to ask that you wipe down the counter when you are done washing your hands? Grab a few extra paper towels and when you are done drying wipe around the sink so it's clean and dry. I can't tell you how much I hate it when I lean into the sink to wash my hands and it looks like I wet myself or spilled something (depending on the height of the sink) because the people before me couldn't be bothered to wipe the sink up.

Come on people it's called common decency!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Capella Christmas Medley

As you know I love Christmas music. I was on the phone with Jared and this was playing and I thought you know what he might actually find this Christmas song entertaining. So I thought I'd post it for everyone to be able to take a chance on it. :) They are really good! It's all a Capella.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Good - Burning Stomach Bile

This morning I tried eating some rice cake before getting up and drinking water. I was doing good. I got showered, dressed and into the kitchen to help finish packing up lunch. My stomach twinged as I put sour cream in containers for our potatoes. I finished and then started to feel my salivary glands kick it up a notch. I was at the kitchen sink hurling up my little bit of food and all the stomach bile. YUCK! It burns!

I started to feel better and sat down on chair in the dining room. Jared went over to the sink and saw the contents of my stomach in a glass and on the dishes and picked up a glass to clean it out for some reason (let's get this straight now, I was not going to leave it to rot all day I was going to wash it all down the drain). He dropped the glass and ran to the top of the stairs across the kitchen trying to choke back the feeling of throwing up. I sat in my chair cracking up laughing at him. He really can't handle any one's throw up. What's he gonna do when we have our child throwing up?

So later Jared tells me, "I'm not sure how this is supposed to comfort you but I keep hearing how it's a good thing you are sick because your body is doing what it's supposed to." I am so tired of hearing that already. I'm fine with being sick but that is no comfort when you are throwing up burning stomach bile. I called my mom on the way in to work for comfort and got the same that's good stuff and said, "No Mom! That's not what you are supposed to say. You are supposed to say...I'm sorry honey that your throwing up and that it burns your throat. I know it hurts." She laughed at me and I chuckled.

Thank you to everyone for the suggestions on keeping the morning sickness at bay. I've settled on rice cakes for the bedside snack with water. I'm stopping at the store on the way home for Werther's Originals and Jolly Ranchers (not sure if I'll like the Jolly Rancher's as I am a picky fruity hard candy eater).

Jared told me today I need to do more pictures as I've only been doing thoughts. So maybe sometime this week I'll catch up on some of my pictures at home. I already took a 1st pregnancy photo and plan on doing it every month on the 14th now going forward.

Friday, October 9, 2009

9 Weeks with a bang!

9 Weeks starts off with a bang. My first time throwing up! Dry heaving hurts something fierce but not as bad as a shower faucet in the lower back.

So after I am done puking Jared comes in to comfort me and help me get out of the shower without hurting myself again. When he says "you know that's why they say to have food by the bed." I said, "No, it's to prevent puking." He responds "To give you something to puke instead of dry heaving."

Is that true? Is that why pregnant women have something by their bed? I've thought it was to prevent the puking. Hmm...

I was totally fine until I had flem go down my throat wrong and make me start gagging. I was hoping I would make it through the whole first trimester without puking. So close.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My world as I know it, is changing forever. It's so exciting. With Olga and the baby on the way I've had so many new experiences and will have many more I am sure of.

Yesterday Olga called me to take her to a place in town to have her foot looked at for free as she is doing Cross Country. When we got there for a moment I was like "Go ahead Olga, tell them why you are here and what we need." But then I realized I am the mom/guardian in this situation and needed to step up to the plate. So weird. I told my mom about it this morning and she just laughed. I'm growing up little by little (but at least I still know how to act like a 5 year old).

Jared and I keep thinking about our household and it changing. We are going to have some extremes. We will have a new born and Olga who's a senior graduating from high school. I think it's funny that we are getting to experience both ends of children at once.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ragu! 8 Weeks!

Ragu! or Prego! Jared has decided my nickname for the duration of my pregnancy is Ragu instead of Prego.

8 weeks today. The little countdown guy has changed pretty drastically today if you ask me. His tail is almost gone.

I just did a blog about 6 weeks and today I am blogging about 8 weeks. I was counting and then I changed the baby count down to weeks and realized I was even further than I realized. It's crazy, my first trimester is almost over. I have my first appointment in 3 weeks.

My nausea kicked it up a notch this morning. I almost threw up, it came up and went back down when I turned for the toilet. I was really tired yesterday and wanted to take a nap but decided to watch a movie instead (Robin Hood Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner {AMAZING} Jared actually finished watching the movie with me. Not sure if he was really enjoying it or just wanted to be with me).

I can't help but wonder if it's still mental the nausea, the tiredness and the emotions. I just think it's funny that my body can change that much in what seems like such a short time to me.

Jared and I couldn't be happier though. We just keep giving thanks that we get to be parents finally.

Next out the office to create a nursery! That will be a fun undertaking. The room is quite full and there is lots to do.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

An Amazing Mother

Happy Birthday to my amazing Mother!
Where to even begin...My mom is an amazing woman, I adore her, she's my best friend, I have to talk to her at least once a day, I love her smell, I love to hug her, I love it when she runs her fingers through my hair, I love how she is always giving, I appreciate her example of kindness and love for others, I love how she shares her talents with me.

Lessons learned from my mother...
I'm more important than a tea cup
There is a Heavenly Mother
Hard work and dedication pay off
Motherhood is tough but rewarding
Prayer is important and they are answered
It's okay to cry
Getting upset or being offended is a choice
Family is important

There is so much I love about my mother! I'm so blessed to have her as my mother! I know she is always there for me.

Happy Birthday Mommy Dear! I love you and hope you have an amazing day.