Friday, October 30, 2009


I had no idea pregnancy brain really could affect you this much. I grab my purse this morning and walk out to the car. We drive all the way to work and I get out to go in and grab my purse. I stop and look for my laptop bag and can't find it anywhere. "I left it at home? I thought it was in the car?" I told Jared "looks like I am going back home." He teases me about how forgetful I am lately and my pregnant brain. I get home and walk in and there on the chair next to where my purse was this morning is my laptop bag.


I had no idea. I don't feel a lot different brain wise but apparently I am more forgetful. Though I tend to think it's my normal blonde forgetfulness Jared suggests I just embrace my pregnant brain. So right now I apologize up front if I forget to do something, forget about you, stand you up or anything you can think of. I'm sorry but I'm pregnant and won't be the same for awhile apparently.

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