Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Letters to my unborn child

As some of you may know we had our 1st Dr's appointment last week. I was really nervous to go to the Dr. Years of ingrained dislike and distrust for Dr's and especially the needles. Anyways we had an ultrasound done and that was just amazing. We got to here the heartbeat and see pictures. It was just so cool! We have a picture of our little peanut now.

We found out from the ultrasound that we were two weeks less along than we originally thought. We are totally fine with it because we get two more weeks to get things ready and prepare for bringing this bundle of joy into our lives.

I still have moments where I start thinking about I'm pregnant and what a joy it is. It's not like I truly forget but I just smile and my attitude changes. We are so excited and feel so blessed to finally be able to have a child.

I started writing a letter (will be letters) last week to our unborn child. I'm just writing down thoughts and feelings. I don't want to forget anything and want our child to know how we felt, things we experienced and have it for their records someday. I guess you could call it a journal but it's not in my personal journal though I am sure I will have some overlap there. I just enjoy writing and it came to me last week to do it, so I started.

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