Saturday, August 6, 2011

Washing the Car

On Thursday Jared decided he had the time, energy and ambition to wash the car. We all went out together to hang out and enjoy the afternoon sunshine. Benjamin jumped right into the bucket of suds. He was a splashing fool. There was no keeping him away from them either.

It was funny when he realized bubbles and water were going down the driveway and into the street. We tried to get Benjamin to help but the rag just made him splash all that much more. Needless to say he was soaking wet by the time the car was done.

A Good Trade

My friend Heather watches our kids 3 days a week. She has been trying to get in some extra hours so while I am home on Wednesday's we take her two kids, it works out to be a pretty good trade. I have them until Jared gets home from school and then he takes over. It works out pretty good most Wednesday's.

Benjamin was having fun playing with Gwendolyn and Wyatt was enjoying the TV. I am definetly a bad babysitter while I am working. I just try to keep them entertained and happy while I get the job done.

Banana Bread Anyone?

My sister in-law Leslie and her kids were here this past weekend. To help entertain the kids I decided to make some banana bread. Coral and Talia each got wrapped up in an apron and Benjamin hung out with us too.

After the baking was all done it was time to eat the delicious bread. I make mine with chocolate chips what kid can resist.

None of these cute kids could resist the chocolate and banana's.

Talia and Benjamin were having a ball together. She would sing to him and just make him laugh.

Backyard Oasis

Last Saturday was a break through for our weather pattern out here in the great northwest. Sunshine!!! We had bought Benjamin a pool to play in weeks ago and finally busted it out to use. It was so wonderful. Once we got it set up and Benjamin ready to swim Jared and I pulled up camping chairs and soaked our feet. Minus the weeds I felt like it was our own little oasis in the backyard.

Benjamin had so much fun splashing the water before he even got in.

Jared got down and played with Benjamin for a bit once we got him in the pool. Benjamin was so funny. He would go play and then come back and sit on the edge of the pool between my legs. I picked him up from time to time and got a cold surprise. It was a wonderful family time.

We keep going back to our little backyard oasis. I just rearranged it today in the hopes of not killing the grass.