Saturday, August 6, 2011

Backyard Oasis

Last Saturday was a break through for our weather pattern out here in the great northwest. Sunshine!!! We had bought Benjamin a pool to play in weeks ago and finally busted it out to use. It was so wonderful. Once we got it set up and Benjamin ready to swim Jared and I pulled up camping chairs and soaked our feet. Minus the weeds I felt like it was our own little oasis in the backyard.

Benjamin had so much fun splashing the water before he even got in.

Jared got down and played with Benjamin for a bit once we got him in the pool. Benjamin was so funny. He would go play and then come back and sit on the edge of the pool between my legs. I picked him up from time to time and got a cold surprise. It was a wonderful family time.

We keep going back to our little backyard oasis. I just rearranged it today in the hopes of not killing the grass.

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