Friday, January 20, 2012

Last Snow Day

Today was our last stay at home snow day. It's been a wonderful blessing to get an extra week of working from home. I am so spoiled.
For breakfast Benjamin and I had peanut butter and nutella toast with milk. It was great, as you can tell Benjamin totally enjoyed it.
Later in the day I took a break from work to go clean the dishes. Benjamin helped me in his own way. He played with the water and salad spinner. He had a blast and refused to look at me when I took his picture. Oh well... He got nice and wet by the time Daddy took him down.
One of Benjamin's favorite things to do is to climb on top of the recycling can and play with the microwave. Today he sat on top of the recycling can and I had my camera near by still. Score!

Good Food

Yesterday I wanted something good to eat. You know what I mean? Something really good and delicious. We can't afford to go out to eat so I had to make something if I wanted to satisfy my craving for good food. While looking for the chocolate glaze recipe a few days prior I ran across this recipe for onion rings. I decided it was the night for it. Jared said being poor isn't really good for my cravings for junk food...because I am just learning to make them. So true!
I also wanted something like a hamburger but didn't feel like making a burger. I wanted something more cozy and homey. I wanted a cheeseburger casserole. None of the recipes I looked at quite fit the bill. Jared made some suggestions on how to create what I wanted and I went to town.
Benjamin really enjoyed the dipping sauce I made of mayo and BBQ sauce. He liked the onion rings but he also chewed on a raw onion before they were fried.
After dinner Benjamin fell asleep on Jared's shoulder within in a minute or so. He was done for the night. That's what happens when you only take a 10 minute nap.
I overate of course but it was all delicious. It was kind of like burger and onion rings. All I needed was a chocolate shake. Oohhh....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snowed in...Make Doughnuts

What's a girl to do when she is stuck inside and working all day? Make doughnuts!!! Of course!!! They were and are so delicious. I found a new blog yesterday and printed off the recipe for doughnuts and for chocolate glaze. That's how I even found the blog was because I was looking for a chocolate glaze. Good stuff!
Feel free to come over and save me from myself. I think I feel a headache coming on.
Jared said my sweet tooth cravings are stronger this pregnancy.


Benjamin is seriously in love with his boots from the Risenmay's. He brings them to us just to wear around the house. We haven't been going outside since Sunday because Benjamin has had a fever but he still wants to wear his boots.
He even wants to cuddle with his boots.
Later in the day Benjamin got to take a turn at playing Forza 4 too. He doesn't do very good on his own but he has fun and is very serious.

Snow Time Please

It started snowing on Saturday. Benjamin was enthralled with the snow falling outside. I got home from sledding and he was outside with Jared and his friend Wyatt. We went back inside and it wasn't long before Benjamin was bringing me his boots. I told him later.
Later finally came in the evening and we went outside to play. Benjamin and I walked out down to the street while Jared shoveled the driveway. Benjamin was enjoying himself immensely.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Clearing the Couch Arm

Thursday night I got home from work and laid down on the couch. Benjamin decided it would be fun to climb the desk and jump off onto the couch. At first he would land on the couch arm but by the time he was done he was clearing the arm.
The routine became climb the desk, go into the desk chair and climb back onto the desk, jump off the desk onto the couch and repeat.
I love watching Benjamin master new things.

A Chair for Benjamin

Last Wednesday while working from home Benjamin kept coming up into my lap making it a little hard to actually work. I left my seat for a minute and Benjamin jumped up into it immediately. I recalled the little rocking chair we had put away about a year ago.
I brought the chair downstairs and Benjamin loved it.
I love this little boy!

Wrestling Pad

Benjamin had an accident on our bed with no protection between him and the sheets. Jared moved our mattress topper to the living room for the night to dry out. The next day it proved to be a fun wrestling pad.
Jared and Benjamin just kept wrestling. I ran upstairs to get a few pictures of the action and watch my boys. Benjamin is getting to the stage where wrestling is fun. I think it's mostly the fact that his Daddy is giving him one on one time. Who doesn't love quality time huh?
Later in the day we were downstairs and Jared was playing Forza 4. Benjamin loves to watch this game. He got up super close to the TV to watch Daddy play.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Personal Jungle Gym

When you have a climber on your hands what are you going to do? You could try and make sure there's nothing to climb and hope they don't find ways up. Or you could make a jungle gym of chairs, stools, a table and piano bench and let them run rampant!
This is what we chose to do yesterday for our little Benjamin. He was all giggles and running around on his personal jungle gym. I could not pass up taking pictures (I know...I rarely do).
Benjamin thought it was even more fun when his Daddy started running through and jumping from stool to stool. He would look to Jared and almost say it's your turn now.
We do realize that one of these days we will find Benjamin on top of the bookcase, fridge or cabinets in the kitchen. It's inevitable.

The Magic of Winter

My craft room has been a disaster. I have too many projects going on (yes I said too many projects...your eyes are not deceiving you). I've been working to clean up my room and make space for Benjamin, reorganize for like the 5th or 6th time (okay maybe like the 10th or 12th time). I finally got it cleaned up enough to get something done though.
I made a card (it's not the only thing I've done but it's what this post is actually about).
Kimberly over at Craft Spot does a challenge each week and this week it was Winter Wonderland and using glitter. She makes some really cute stuff.
I dove in at the almost 11th hour and got something made to enter. I think it's cute.
I used my Winter Wonderland Cricut cartridge to create this card. I also used a lot of scraps which is always nice (oh that reminds me I need to organize my scraps of paper).
Hope you are having a great weekend!

How Sad!

Doesn't this just break your heart?
While offloading my camera to the computer I found this picture that I did not take. Obviously Benjamin was having a tough moment on January 3rd, 2012.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I reviewed my New Year resolutions for 2011 this morning and found I had accomplished one. It was my spiritual one of coming to understand the scriptures better by studying the Book of Mormon with a study guide. Check! I did accomplish that one a few months ago! I had forgotten it was even a goal for that.
One of my other goals was to finish two quilts I have in the works. No check! But I did finish a smaller quilt last night so I say 'partial credit'.
I am trying to decide what my goals for this year are going to be. Once I figure it out I will be posting them somewhere in my house that I can see them often. I think that is one of the biggest issues with failing goals the other part is setting lofty unattainable goals. I actually read to Jared out of my journal from last year the need to post my goals as I would otherwise not accomplish them. He remarked how very prophetic of me.