Friday, January 20, 2012

Good Food

Yesterday I wanted something good to eat. You know what I mean? Something really good and delicious. We can't afford to go out to eat so I had to make something if I wanted to satisfy my craving for good food. While looking for the chocolate glaze recipe a few days prior I ran across this recipe for onion rings. I decided it was the night for it. Jared said being poor isn't really good for my cravings for junk food...because I am just learning to make them. So true!
I also wanted something like a hamburger but didn't feel like making a burger. I wanted something more cozy and homey. I wanted a cheeseburger casserole. None of the recipes I looked at quite fit the bill. Jared made some suggestions on how to create what I wanted and I went to town.
Benjamin really enjoyed the dipping sauce I made of mayo and BBQ sauce. He liked the onion rings but he also chewed on a raw onion before they were fried.
After dinner Benjamin fell asleep on Jared's shoulder within in a minute or so. He was done for the night. That's what happens when you only take a 10 minute nap.
I overate of course but it was all delicious. It was kind of like burger and onion rings. All I needed was a chocolate shake. Oohhh....

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