Sunday, January 8, 2012

Personal Jungle Gym

When you have a climber on your hands what are you going to do? You could try and make sure there's nothing to climb and hope they don't find ways up. Or you could make a jungle gym of chairs, stools, a table and piano bench and let them run rampant!
This is what we chose to do yesterday for our little Benjamin. He was all giggles and running around on his personal jungle gym. I could not pass up taking pictures (I know...I rarely do).
Benjamin thought it was even more fun when his Daddy started running through and jumping from stool to stool. He would look to Jared and almost say it's your turn now.
We do realize that one of these days we will find Benjamin on top of the bookcase, fridge or cabinets in the kitchen. It's inevitable.


  1. I thought JR was a climber, but he is nothing compared to Benjamin. That kid can climb! You may was well embrace it!

  2. Benjamin is absolutely adorable! We do the same thing for Logan when we vacuum the living and dining rooms. He makes a train of chairs and climbs across them! Boys are so funny.