Thursday, October 28, 2010

Got a Sweet Tooth?

I've got a sweet tooth or something these days. Jared came home last Friday and said something to me about my baking spree lately. I've made chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, ghosts, lemon tarts, chocolate biscotti with cranberries, 7 layer bars and last night doughnuts.
Baking season is definitely here and I am all on board but maybe I should tone in down a bit.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Diapers and Spaghetti

One of my earliest memories...I remember needing a diaper change and walking into the backyard where my mom had company. I had removed my diaper and walked outside naked. I was pretty little so obviously it was cute.
Another one around the same time frame is related to food. I remember being in a high chair and eating spaghetti. But I wasn't really eating it. I was pushing my hands around in it and grabbing some and throwing it here and there.
It's funny how some memories play out in your mind. They are faint but I've had those memories for a very long time now.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jumping Jelly Bean's

We are currently borrowing a jumper from my sister in law Jacki. Benjamin LOVES IT!!! He will just go to town jumping in it like crazy! This video was taken on Friday October 15, 2010. I love how vocal he gets when he does jump and sorry this video just doesn't show it like he really does it. Gosh darn the camera and how distracted he gets.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Heavenly Saturday

Saturday was a good day. We finally spent it together as a family. No fishing or work got in the way!!! (I promise I'm not bitter Jared!) Jared is not as much as a home body as I am so we got up and went out. Benjamin is really into books but most of what we had were paper or cardboard and he likes to put them in is mouth. So we went to Target and Barnes and Noble to look for books. We got Benjamin 3 and one is plastic so he can put it in his mouth to his hearts content.

Now the outfit I have him in I had to squeeze him into it for his first and last time. He is growing so fast!
After we got home and had lunch we went outside to clean up the backyard and garden. Jared harvested our potatoes. We got some really small ones and some really big ones. And they are delicious!
I love Saturdays at home together as a family. We spent the whole day together and it was heavenly!

My Guys!

I love my guys!
I was in the kitchen baking or cooking dinner. And Jared was in the living room with Benjamin. My camera was all the way downstairs and I told Jared to stop doing such cute things. I debated running to get my camera...I am so glad that I did. Aren't they both just adorable together? Benjamin is sitting in my grandma's chair. Jared was actually doing some research on it and it is from about the turn of the century and potentially worth $100. I told him I wouldn't sell it. Nice to know it's valuable but it's priceless to me.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Tart 3 Years in the Making

I have a new addiction!!! Okay so in August of 2007 Jared's youngest sister Heather got married. At her reception were these amazing little tarts. They were divine. I kept thinking of them for the longest time wondering how to make them. I decided to look around online and found a recipe at I printed that off on...lets see...November 17, 2008. So over a year later I found a recipe. Two days ago I decided I was going to finally make them. So this is a little over a 3 year process.

So Tuesday afternoon I started making these little tarts. I finished the filling in the evening once Jared was home and we were getting ready for bed. I had decided I could take them as a treat for after our activity in YW's Wednesday night. I tasted the filling and was in heaven! I grabbed a tart and added some filling and it hit the spot!

Wednesday during the day I kept sneaking upstairs to taste them. I think I had 5 all together. When Jared got home I made him one too. SO YUMMY! I told him I was debating taking them at all now to YW's because they were so amazing.

I did wind up taking them 14 tarts to share and everybody who had them loved them. 2 asked for the recipe and I found it online again. :) Here

They are quite a bit of work but so worth it!! Also either I put too much dough into each tart or you need to double the receipe to use all of the filling. I am taking one for the team and eating it by the spoonful now. mmmmmmmmmmmmm goodness!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sleeping While Working

Happy Friday!!
I feel so lucky and blessed. I was texting with my mom yesterday afternoon. The conversation went as follows:
Emily: Ok. Doing good. Getting dressed for the day.
Mom: good deal. must be nice.
Emily: I work in my PJ's. How are you doing?
Mom:I know and I am jealous! I am doing good....
Emily: Oh. You can work in your PJ's for the most part.
Mom: Not when I was your age :)
Emily: Ah yeah well thems the brakes ;)
It's true. My mom had a little one at my age and she had to work. I've been really blessed to not have to part with Benjamin while working. I will have to part for a bit and let some one watch him soon enough (which Kim if you are reading this I need to email you).
Below is a video from while I was working yesterday. Benjamin falls asleep in my arms a lot and I just continue working. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

4 Month Stats

It's hard to think of what my life was like before Benjamin. I really can't imagine my life without him. I am trying my best to enjoy every minute. He is growing so fast. It's wonderful and amazing but a little scary. Benjamin definitely has a personality and he will let you know quickly what he does and doesn't like.
Benjamin loves to blow bubbles with his spit, has started to get his tongue into it now so it sounds a little ruder. He loves to play with his daddy and kind of has a 6th sense for when he is around or gets home from work...for instance...Benjamin will be dead tired and nursing just about completely dead to the world. Jared will walk into the house without making hardly any noise and Benjamin's eyes fly open. I promise I am not exaggerating. Daddy is home and it is time to play! Which Jared started singing a song the other day to him which was too perfect. "Daddy's Homecoming" (click here for the music and to read the lyrics). The first line is "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home..." and I just was amused at how true that is for Benjamin.

So while Daddy is for play Mommy is for feeding, comforting and sleeping. If Benjamin is tired good luck getting him to sleep unless it's me his Mommy. We have a few different positions for cuddling and getting to sleep now. My laying down with him in the crook of my arm and staring at each other in the eyes while he holds on to two of my fingers until his eyes get heavy and eventually close.

Benjamin loves to be outside! I started taking him outside very early on. We would go into the front yard with a blanket and a few things and play in the shade of our tree. We now go out daily after I get off of work for a walk. I kind of feel like Benjamin deserves it because he is such a trooper. I work part time from home for 5 hours each day (sometimes more) and he puts up with it. So after I log off we hit the pavement and go for a walk. Some days they are short but I am trying to build up to even longer walks...hopefully the weather holds out for awhile. I will have to figure out what to do when it rains.

Semi recently we have found that Benjamin loves to be naked. When we take his clothes off to change him we will let him hang out for a bit naked and he just seems to love the freedom. He is more flexible and wiggly. I don't mind too much because I get to see all of his adorable rolls. I love his little thighs. I think they are the chubbiest part of his body.

Benjamin is ticklish. Mommy is the best at tickling him but Daddy and I know it's only because my hands are longer and can get to more spots to tickle him at once. 2-3 days ago I found out he is even ticklish on his thighs. Tonight Jared and I tag teamed on tickling him. It was awesome. We love to hear his laugh. It's adorable and makes you just smile because you get to hear it.
Benjamin is not overly picky for the most part. He used to be really picky about how Jared could hold him. It was up high on his shoulder or facing out. Not so much anymore. The number one thing is on who puts him to sleep. He doesn't mind diaper changes in fact he enjoys them most of the time. He is not of fan of long sleeved outfits because it takes longer to get his arm through. But getting dressed is not a big deal. He loves bath time. He likes to take his rubber ducky and try to eat it.

Benjamin has learned to roll over. He is getting much faster at it already. He is really growing so fast. When I get obsessed about cleaning my house I remind myself I won't always be able to hold him. I won't always be able to cuddle him like I can now. So relax the dishes will still be there later and just enjoy the moment.

4 Month Stats
Height: 25.5 inches (72%)
Weight: 17lbs 8 oz (92%)
Head Circumference: 16.75 inches (59%)

Benjamin gets plenty to eat that is for sure. But if you look at him he is not all chunk. When we play with him we really kind of work him out. He loves to hold my fingers and just stand and do squats and move around like that which is a total work out for him. I don't do much but help balance him out. He is a strong little guy. So he was 4 months on the 29th of September and his appointment was on the 30th. We weighed him last week on Thursday so about a week after his appointment and he was up to 19 lbs already. We figured he was growing again because he was taking long naps and eating a ton.

I love being a mom! Benjamin is my world now and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Please....Roll Over

Friday night I went to Federal Way to Jared's Aunt Valerie's ward to do some crafting. My friend Heather came along too. We had a great time. We didn't finish but we still had fun. Anyways I was across the gym while Benjamin was lying on the ground next to Heather playing. I was watching him play and he rolled over onto his stomach. He hadn't gotten his arm out but he was definitely on his stomach. I couldn't believe it. I was pretty darn excited! I couldn't wait to record him.
But on Saturday he had plenty of floor time and did no rolling over. Sunday though he did some. Jared and I were on the floor in the living room with Benjamin. He rolled over twice. I wanted to get the camera to record the event but Jared was right. Benjamin was tired and really didn't want to play anymore.
So first thing this morning while downstairs (starting to work) Benjamin rolled over and pulled his arm out and grabbed at the blanket he was on and started playing. So I ran upstairs grabbed the camera and came down put him on his back and begged him to do it for me....yeah right!! It took me 4 videos to finally capture him rolling over. Which I couldn't upload so video #6 is finally it. Which is better than the video #4 because I wasn't watching the camera and kept going to the ground and then I got distracted by getting burned on my power cord for the heater. Which is no longer running now as I don't want Benjamin to get burned while he is playing.
I can't believe he got this rolling over thing figured out so fast. It still takes him some time but he is definitely growing so fast. I need to work fast on baby proofing my house and keeping things off the ground because crawling is around the corner I am sure.

Rice Cereal...not the kind you think

We had a busy last couple of days...first up Benjamin eating some rice cereal. Benjamin loves to do things we do. He sits at the table with us to eat and watches us eat. Sometimes more intently then other times. If we are holding him while drinking water he wants a drink. We've started putting the cup up to his lips and letting him feel the cup but no drinking. I know I will say this several times today but he is growing so fast. It's awesome and scary all at the same time.
He did really good while eating. He sometimes tried to help me. Benjamin already plays with his spoons (under careful supervision).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Roll Over

Benjamin is growing so fast. I still want to do a blog about his 4 month check up. But this video is too cute. He is trying desperately to roll over these days when he is on his back. Jared and I are encouraging him too. But his little arm is in the way.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Along for the ride

I was just lying down in bed with Jared and Benjamin watching TV. There was a commercial that came on for deadliest roads for IRT (Ice Road Truckers) and it made me think of this road we drove on in Grenada. Which made me start to think of all the places I've been. I always have to ask Jared where I've been. I have a pretty bad memory...part of it is because I just rely on Jared to remember and tell me where we are since I am just along for the ride.
While thinking about some of the places I decided to see if I've been to other destinations outside of the continental US more than states in the US.
Here we go...
Destinations outside the Continental US
St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands) {Been there 2 times}
St. Kitts (Own Country)
Grenada (Own Country)
Princess Cays, Bahamas (Own Country)
Tortola (British Virgin Island)
Puerto Rico (US Territory) {Been there 2 times}
Aruba (Dutch)
Bonaire (Dutch)
Mexican Riviera, South of Puerto Vallarta (Country)
Germany (Country)
Austria (Country)
Italy (Country)
Canada (Country)
13 total
11 States
Well I have been to more places outside of the continental United States then I have been to states. Funny.
How many places have you been to outside the US? How many states have you been to?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tender Mercy: A Question Answered

This morning while watching General Conference I had a question come to my mind while listening to Jay E. Jensen. The question was "How do I teach my children to have their own testimony?" Jay E. Jensen was talking about how when he was out on his mission he realized he needed to have his own testimony and not rely on his parents anymore. This is why the question came to my mind. I have been thinking long before I even had Benjamin how will I raise him. How will I teach him the gospel? How will I teach him to trust in the Lord? How will I help him to understand how prayers are answered? How will he come to know right from wrong? The thoughts have become more prevalent since he was born. I wrote the question down in my journal and just mulled it over a bit while I continued to listen to conference.

The next speaker was Mary N. Cook. She talked of a new granddaughter born into her family and the need to teach her of being an example of the believers. She did not speak for very long before tears started to stream down my face. The answer to my question written down moments before was being answered. My spirit was lifted, tears of love and gratitude were falling as the spirit bore witness to me that what she was saying was tender mercy given to me in answer of my question.

To teach our children the gospel and to have a strong testimony we must lead by example in all that we do. They must see us saying our prayers, reading our scriptures, dressing modestly, giving service and all of these things we must be doing with a joyful heart. As we do them and lead by example they will see it and make it a part of their life. I've already seen how much Benjamin is just repeating things we do...smiling, trying to drink from our cups, blowing bubbles...

I am so grateful for General Conference and the opportunity to listen and have questions and concerns answered.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Granny!

Happy Birthday to the greatest mom and granny in the world! I love you mom!

My mom is always willing to serve. She will drive 8 hours to help her children (sometimes more). She shares her talents with others to bless their lives. She is a great teacher! She has a strong testimony of the gospel and is willing to share it with all those she meets. I have learned so much from my mom. So many life lessons that have made me who I am today. I hope in some small ways that I am like her.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!