Friday, October 15, 2010

Sleeping While Working

Happy Friday!!
I feel so lucky and blessed. I was texting with my mom yesterday afternoon. The conversation went as follows:
Emily: Ok. Doing good. Getting dressed for the day.
Mom: good deal. must be nice.
Emily: I work in my PJ's. How are you doing?
Mom:I know and I am jealous! I am doing good....
Emily: Oh. You can work in your PJ's for the most part.
Mom: Not when I was your age :)
Emily: Ah yeah well thems the brakes ;)
It's true. My mom had a little one at my age and she had to work. I've been really blessed to not have to part with Benjamin while working. I will have to part for a bit and let some one watch him soon enough (which Kim if you are reading this I need to email you).
Below is a video from while I was working yesterday. Benjamin falls asleep in my arms a lot and I just continue working. :)

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