Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tender Mercy: A Question Answered

This morning while watching General Conference I had a question come to my mind while listening to Jay E. Jensen. The question was "How do I teach my children to have their own testimony?" Jay E. Jensen was talking about how when he was out on his mission he realized he needed to have his own testimony and not rely on his parents anymore. This is why the question came to my mind. I have been thinking long before I even had Benjamin how will I raise him. How will I teach him the gospel? How will I teach him to trust in the Lord? How will I help him to understand how prayers are answered? How will he come to know right from wrong? The thoughts have become more prevalent since he was born. I wrote the question down in my journal and just mulled it over a bit while I continued to listen to conference.

The next speaker was Mary N. Cook. She talked of a new granddaughter born into her family and the need to teach her of being an example of the believers. She did not speak for very long before tears started to stream down my face. The answer to my question written down moments before was being answered. My spirit was lifted, tears of love and gratitude were falling as the spirit bore witness to me that what she was saying was tender mercy given to me in answer of my question.

To teach our children the gospel and to have a strong testimony we must lead by example in all that we do. They must see us saying our prayers, reading our scriptures, dressing modestly, giving service and all of these things we must be doing with a joyful heart. As we do them and lead by example they will see it and make it a part of their life. I've already seen how much Benjamin is just repeating things we do...smiling, trying to drink from our cups, blowing bubbles...

I am so grateful for General Conference and the opportunity to listen and have questions and concerns answered.

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  1. With you guys as his parents, Benjamin is going to be just fine!