Friday, October 22, 2010

A Heavenly Saturday

Saturday was a good day. We finally spent it together as a family. No fishing or work got in the way!!! (I promise I'm not bitter Jared!) Jared is not as much as a home body as I am so we got up and went out. Benjamin is really into books but most of what we had were paper or cardboard and he likes to put them in is mouth. So we went to Target and Barnes and Noble to look for books. We got Benjamin 3 and one is plastic so he can put it in his mouth to his hearts content.

Now the outfit I have him in I had to squeeze him into it for his first and last time. He is growing so fast!
After we got home and had lunch we went outside to clean up the backyard and garden. Jared harvested our potatoes. We got some really small ones and some really big ones. And they are delicious!
I love Saturdays at home together as a family. We spent the whole day together and it was heavenly!

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  1. Oh awesome, you got some potatoes! Yes, we do have AYSO...but I don't know much about soccer around here other than that!