Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Tart 3 Years in the Making

I have a new addiction!!! Okay so in August of 2007 Jared's youngest sister Heather got married. At her reception were these amazing little tarts. They were divine. I kept thinking of them for the longest time wondering how to make them. I decided to look around online and found a recipe at I printed that off on...lets see...November 17, 2008. So over a year later I found a recipe. Two days ago I decided I was going to finally make them. So this is a little over a 3 year process.

So Tuesday afternoon I started making these little tarts. I finished the filling in the evening once Jared was home and we were getting ready for bed. I had decided I could take them as a treat for after our activity in YW's Wednesday night. I tasted the filling and was in heaven! I grabbed a tart and added some filling and it hit the spot!

Wednesday during the day I kept sneaking upstairs to taste them. I think I had 5 all together. When Jared got home I made him one too. SO YUMMY! I told him I was debating taking them at all now to YW's because they were so amazing.

I did wind up taking them 14 tarts to share and everybody who had them loved them. 2 asked for the recipe and I found it online again. :) Here

They are quite a bit of work but so worth it!! Also either I put too much dough into each tart or you need to double the receipe to use all of the filling. I am taking one for the team and eating it by the spoonful now. mmmmmmmmmmmmm goodness!!

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  1. Those look so yummy. You came close to the ones at the wedding. They were a little different. we started by buying mini pie shells at the bakery in redmond. Please feel free to try your recipe out on us.