Tuesday, September 29, 2009

6 Weeks along?!

Where to begin??? I can't believe it almost!!! I know I am pregnant but there are moments where I forget to some degree. For instance I'll be at work (actually workin' for once) and just hit the groove and be all focused. Then something triggers a thought process in my head and I remember I am pregnant and I get all giddy and dazed. I've been wanting to have a child for 4 years now and it's finally here. It's almost unreal.

I'll tell ya what really threw me for a loop. I was at a Relief Society broadcast talking to several friends about being pregnant and figuring out how far along I am when they said I was 6 weeks. I was like say what?! I was under the impression I was only 2-4 weeks along and then I find out nope you are 6 weeks along Emily. WOW! Already over a month and I didn't even know it.

I'm just so excited, I can't keep this to myself. I've told almost every I know one way or another. We started with immediate family first. My mom knew first thing in the morning. I pinged her on IM and woke her up. We told Jared's parents in the afternoon. Jared's mom has definitely given the most dramatic reaction compared to anyone. I wish I had had a camera to record that one. I'm going to have to journal all the reactions because I find them all so entertaining.

For those who know Jared he likes to tease a lot and get a reaction from people. So we couldn't just tell some people we had to be creative.
  • So with his parents we were talking about vacations next year and said you shouldn't go on one in May next year. They were like why? Jared said "Because you'll want to be around when your grand baby is born right?!"
  • With my friend Sara I called her and asked her why she doesn't eat chocolate when she's pregnant. She said because it makes her sick. I had just had a chocolate Oreo & cookie dough blizzard and it tasted like bananas instead of chocolate. VERY DISAPPOINTING! She asked me why I asked and I said because I ate a chocolate blizzard and it tasted like a banana so my taste buds must be all mixed up. She was like are you pregnant?!
  • With Jacki my sister in-law we called and asked "what's the name and number of your OB GYN?" She responds "Morell. Why?" Jared said "Do you really have to ask?"

(Disclaimer: None of these are verbatim. Jared will remember better than me and say I quoted it wrong.)

I am just so excited to join the ranks of motherhood and share in the joys of it. This is a very exciting time for Jared and I and Olga.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baking Super Cupcakes

My friend Meredith has this really cool large cupcake pan that she got to make for the Young Women's birthdays that we work with. I got to borrow it to make one or two and have just had a blast with it. I've had it far too long now (I think I am the world's worst borrower) and don't want to return it. But I promise I will Meredith. This week maybe?!

My first try was quite a disaster. Getting the cake out of the pan just didn't work. Try number two still wasn't great. I was talking to my mom and she said "Talk to Megan she knows some baking tricks." At first I was like yeah right, I was the baker growing up. But after I moved out Megan blossomed in the kitchen with me out of the way. So I called her and she told me that if you melt butter and add the same amount of cocoa powder and put it on the pan and then let it dry the cake will fall right out. This is for chocolate cakes of course so you don't get the whole white powder all over your chocolate cake.

I tried it and oh my gosh it fell straight out. So I've made a few more since then and am loving it even more. I made one last weekend with my cousin Ashley over. It is a Chocolate Pumpkin (fall type) cake.

Pumpkin Puree

Chocolate mix

Whoever invented the Kitchen Aid...GENIUS!!!

Chocolate and pumpkin

My cousin Ashley helping me out

The recipe is so large I got to make some cupcakes. They were good.

Look at the perfect cupcake!!!

Orange Zest, my first time with that.

Yellow and red make orange

And one perfect fall looking cupcake

Friday, September 25, 2009

to be more open

I just finished watching the movie "Radio". It totally makes me blubber. It is about a person played by Cuba Gooding Jr. that has some mental handicaps and a football coach who lets room for him and it changes the town.

It's a feel good movie that reminds me of what's important and how we need to be more open to everyone and their differences and love them regardless of what we see on the outside. I just can't help but cry. I'm sure that will only increase as the months go on. More to come on that. :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Sassy Girl

Finding time to blog is proving to be difficult. I've got so much I want to write. Most of them include pictures of course.

Saturday evening as the night was winding down I decided I would show my cousin Ashley the New Moon video that she had decided not to watch because she'd seen all the trailers. I told her that there was more than what was in the other trailers though. So I said "Ashley I want to show you something." And Olga who was close by says "Let me guess Twilight?!" I cracked up laughing. Olga knows me so well already. She is just so funny. Ashley and I just laughed and I showed her the video. And Olga watched it with us again.

I know pathetic Emily can't help but do anything with Twilight now. But Olga is just crackin' me up. Yesterday she came home and she found the kitchen counter completely cleaned off and the dishes all done. She says "What happened Emily, are we moving?" And then tonight she gets home and I have my friend Felicia's kids over and she says "Wow I am only gone like 6 hours and you have 2 kids!" She is just my sassy sweet girl. I love her!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

An Amazing Day!

Where to begin? Hmm...Jared is out of town and as good as I sleep when he is gone I am missing him. I sent him a text and he hasn't responded. He's probably asleep.

Well today was amazing! I slept in past 9am! I haven't showered (I did brush my teeth)! I ate junk food! I hung out with my cousin AshBash! I crafted almost the whole day away! I had candles burning all day! It's just been amazing!

I worked on some baby shower invitation ideas for my friends baby shower I am going to throw. I also worked on some thank you cards and then birthday cards. As this was the year I was going to birthday cards for all family members (yeah right!). I was late getting started and then stopped for about 6 months with it constantly on my to do list. I made some today for this month and most of next month.
I'm debating going back and making cards for everyone I missed. It's passed but a card is always nice to get...or does it just show how behind I am? Thoughts please!!!

Below is a snapshot of most of the items I made today.

Angelic Kiah

My friend Felicia was over the other night for my Partylite party with her kids (Kavan & Kiah). At the end of the evening Kiah fell asleep and just looked so precious I had to take her picture.

Doesn't she look angelic?

Felicia was trying to not look and stay out of the pictures. No such luck.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

6 Minutes of Heaven!

Okay maybe I've gone to far and maybe I've crossed the line...but it just feels so good and I can't help myself. I'm at the grocery store tonight and I see OK! Weekly with another story about Rob Pattinson and Kristin Stewart from Twilight. It's only 50 cents so I figure oh well why not. It's my 2nd one now. I feel a little retarded and ashamed to have such a trashy magazine in my house. But I just have to know more about them.

I will admit though that the article cracked me up a little about people in general and their mentality. Apparently the couple is in love and wants to get married in real life but producers don't want them to because it will affect people's ability to believe in the on screen chemistry between Bella and Jacob in New Moon. And that it will alienate them from their fan base because girls will know that Rob is unattainable. COME ON! GIVE ME A BREAK! I'm sorry but have these girls really lost there sense of reality. How many famous superstars do you know that marry their crazy obsessed fans????? Any??? It just doesn't happen that way people! Deal! Get over it. Let them live their lives. Don't you want them to be happy?

Anyways sorry I just couldn't help myself. So I'm reading my email and got my Twilight update and it has found a new Trailer that someone has spliced from the 3 trailer's that are released. Monday I found out about the newest and greatest one and now it's even better. 6 minutes of heaven I am telling you. It can be found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8r-xcnlSOA

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Wish I Didn't Have To Work

Monday night after my piano lesson I went to the Dollar Store to pick up some items for my Young Women's activity on Wednesday. They had almost everything I needed in fact all but 1 item. Little glass mirrors. I knew that Ben Franklin would have what I wanted so I drove over there to get them. Of course I walk into Ben Franklin and I can already here Jared in my head going "No! No! Anywhere but there!"

I knew exactly what I was looking for but I saw a new section of items and had to check them out of course. I mean a craft addict not looking at crafting items while she's there? Come on get real!

I found a block of wood and mod podge perfect for a craft I've been wanting to do for awhile. I saw so many things I wanted to buy and play with. But I finally meandered over to the place that had the little glass mirrors and went to leave the store.

As I was leaving I saw more beautiful items for decorating my home and something inside me just longed to spend more time there and wishing that I had the money to buy things to my hearts content. I walked out the door and thought to myself "I wish I didn't have to work! I wish I could just stay home and craft all day long and make beautiful creations!" That is my wish! That is my hearts desire!

Some may think I craft plenty but I honestly can't recall the last time I sat down and worked on a crafting project all day and just let myself create. I am craving it! I NEED IT! Hmm my plans this weekend seem very clear now.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sick and disturbed

And my addiction for anything Twilight carries on. Meredith I think you asked about addictions awhile back...Twilight is by far my biggest addiction I think. I got put on an email string for a newsletter this woman does on Twilight news from Jared's Aunt Valerie! THANK YOU! I should feel bad about admitting this and sick and disturbed yet here I am telling everyone who reads this my addiction.
I've been reading for the past few days online the 5th book that Stephenie Meyer was writing before it got leaked. It's Twilight from Edwards perspective which is actually very interesting and intriguing to me. It's called MidNight Sun. You can find it here http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/pdf/midnightsun_partial_draft4.pdf
I'm trying to be good and not read it all the time. Saturday I would reward myself after cleaning something. And today I didn't let myself read until after I had finished working on things for young women's.
I watched Twilight again yesterday but with the commentary which made me late to my Aunt's because I got lazy and didn't want to get up. It was funny listening to them commentary. They pointed out things I had not noticed which was fun.
Anyways back to my addiction I am just about done less than 20 pages. But of course it's only a partial draft :( so I know I will unsatisfied.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Copyright Infringement

I made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast on Monday! My favorite type of pancake! I had some batter left over and needed to cook it up so I of course had to make a mickey mouse pancake.

This is for you Ed! Jared says it's an infringement on a copyrighted trademark but oh well. Anything for you!

All Addictions Must Come to an End (yeah right!)

I finished my book on Sunday evening. The last book in the Twilight series "Breaking Dawn". It was a perfect afternoon for reading. The rain was falling and I could hear it on the roof (I love the sound of rain on the roof). The sun broke through at one point and I looked out to find a rainbow.

I made myself hot chocolate and had donut holes (I know bad Emily). I felt so decadent! In pajama bottoms, hot chocolate, donuts, rain falling, and a great book!

I stopped for a bit to make dinner when Jared got home but after dinner I went back to my book. Jared got a picture of me while reading.

I still can't believe it's over. I really want to start reading them again but I know that would really bug Jared plus Olga started on Twilight this weekend and I have a friend at work who wants to read them.

But rest assured I will be reading these books over and over again. My Aunt Cindy is on round 4 herself. I still can't believe how good these books are.

I thought life would go back to normal though after I was done reading. But my mind is still totally hooked. I watched Twilight again last night. I just couldn't help myself.

There are 72 days until New Moon comes out to the theaters. What am I going to do with myself until then? And then after I see it in the theater's how long until it comes out on movie. They are already working on Eclipse but that's probably at least 2 years away if not more.

One thing I did take away from this is to be a bit more passionate about life in general. Everytime I had a buzz when reading these books I hope that I don't let that die.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

To Read or Not to Read?

Today has been a good day. I am tired and would like to crash but I have some things to do and while working on them I decided I would blog.

The day started out with my friend Meredith coming over. We had a good time visiting together. After that Olga and I took off to take Jared lunch. We had fun riding around in his Polaris's at work, climbing under a bridge to look at Salmon, and driving the Polaris's ourselves.

After having fun with Jared and his co-worker Brooks we drove to my Aunt Cindy's house to can pears. We canned 13 jars because one broke and then made 2 batches of applesauce. I am so excited. I love canning and learning new things on how to be more self-sufficient.

Anyways so throughout most of the day I have been thinking about my book. I am so close to the end it is almost unbearable. As I was driving to my Aunt's house I was thinking man I really wish I was going home so I could just read. But then I was like no, I haven't spent much time with her lately and I miss her and it's a good thing. Such an internal battle! I want so much to finish it but again that feeling of what will I do when it's over comes and I am like no. I really love a good book like this that captures me so.

Yesterday evening after work I was reading and when I stopped I felt so energetic. I played my piano for a little bit and just really felt it. My emotions where heightened I guess. Weird I know. I am so addicted to playing Bella's Lullaby right now. Jared keeps asking for a different song but I want to master this one.

Well off to finish what I need to get done so I can read and go to bed.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Addiction is Destructive

I stayed up until 2:15am finishing Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer, book #3 in the Twilight series. Jared asked me politely to come to bed and to avoid his look of disdain I quickly threw my book mark into my place and jumped off my chair in the living room and followed him back to our bedroom for family prayer. We finished getting ready for bed and went to bed. I laid there with my book close by with the flashlight next to it on the pile of clean laundry. I waited briefly for Jared to roll over and start to breathe heavy indicating he was asleep. The anticipation of finding out what happened next was excruciating to me to say the least. Jared didn't roll over like he normally did but his breathing pattern was deep and heavy. I moved ever so gently to my side and reached out for my book longingly. I turned on the flashlight and set it up by my neck and opened my book. Any time Jared moved or made a sound like he was waking I quickly covered the light so that it was dark again. I would wait frozen my lungs wanting to breathe. Jared would start breathing deep again and I would go back to reading.

I had a couple hundred pages until I finished the book and I kept telling myself after this chapter I would stop but the chapters lead so perfectly into the next that I couldn't. I had to know what was going to happen next. I knew it was getting late and even though I could feel the exhaustion in my eyes my body was wide awake wanting to know what happened next. I came to the end of the book and was just so thrilled and wanted to know more. I debated getting up and going to get the last book and just reading the first few chapters. As I laid there debating I knew it had to be really late. I had read several chapters and none of them are particularly short.

I sat up and looked at the time 2:15am! I was going to be so exhausted in the morning. I had reset my alarm for 5:20 instead of 4:55 to give myself just a bit more time. It was hard to fall asleep. I can't describe how much I am infatuated with the world of Twilight. It makes me laugh so much and I feel like every time I close the book I've put their world on pause.

In the morning when I woke Jared asked me how late I had stayed up reading. I didn't answer I knew he would disapprove. A few moments passed and he asked again and started guessing. 1am? No! 2am? No! 2:30am? No! Am I going in the right direction? Yes and no! 2:15am? Yes! I don't remember looking at him but I could feel the reproach in his eyes. He threatened to take my book from me until Saturday. My heart lurched...NO! I quickly said I finished that book and then got up.

After getting ready for work I walked out into the living room earlier then usual for sleeping in. I was putting my book away and was going to grab the next one when I noticed it was missing. I started to casually look around while making breakfast and lunches. Jared came out and said "I love you!" I didn't respond. "Are you mad at me?" "No, I just find it ridiculous that you took my book." Jared countered, "I find it ridiculous that you stayed up until 2:30am reading!" I didn't respond, he went on saying "Addiction is destructive and you are being self destructive!" I am not I thought to myself. He continued "You don't do anything but read, you've not been sleeping like you should." I said, "I'm a grown woman and am able to make my own decisions." He went and got my book and said "I took it to make a point."

I was so glad to have my book back. I did not care what the point was. The sooner I finished reading these books the sooner I would be back to normal right? Yet my heart feels heavy at the idea of it ever ending.