Saturday, September 5, 2009

To Read or Not to Read?

Today has been a good day. I am tired and would like to crash but I have some things to do and while working on them I decided I would blog.

The day started out with my friend Meredith coming over. We had a good time visiting together. After that Olga and I took off to take Jared lunch. We had fun riding around in his Polaris's at work, climbing under a bridge to look at Salmon, and driving the Polaris's ourselves.

After having fun with Jared and his co-worker Brooks we drove to my Aunt Cindy's house to can pears. We canned 13 jars because one broke and then made 2 batches of applesauce. I am so excited. I love canning and learning new things on how to be more self-sufficient.

Anyways so throughout most of the day I have been thinking about my book. I am so close to the end it is almost unbearable. As I was driving to my Aunt's house I was thinking man I really wish I was going home so I could just read. But then I was like no, I haven't spent much time with her lately and I miss her and it's a good thing. Such an internal battle! I want so much to finish it but again that feeling of what will I do when it's over comes and I am like no. I really love a good book like this that captures me so.

Yesterday evening after work I was reading and when I stopped I felt so energetic. I played my piano for a little bit and just really felt it. My emotions where heightened I guess. Weird I know. I am so addicted to playing Bella's Lullaby right now. Jared keeps asking for a different song but I want to master this one.

Well off to finish what I need to get done so I can read and go to bed.


  1. So, are you going to tell us what great book this is, so we can read it????

  2. Just finish the book! It is easier to get on with life once the book is completed.

  3. Oh I didn't say what book it was? It is book #4 in the Twilight series. Breaking dawn. I've finally finished it and now I want to start over but I am going to wait a little bit. I need to add a post about my last day of reading.