Friday, September 25, 2009

to be more open

I just finished watching the movie "Radio". It totally makes me blubber. It is about a person played by Cuba Gooding Jr. that has some mental handicaps and a football coach who lets room for him and it changes the town.

It's a feel good movie that reminds me of what's important and how we need to be more open to everyone and their differences and love them regardless of what we see on the outside. I just can't help but cry. I'm sure that will only increase as the months go on. More to come on that. :)


  1. Hey Congratulations! The more to come on that doesn't work with the countdown along the side! We are very excited for you!!!

  2. That is exciting new, congrates. Leia saw the baby counter on the side and asked where the baby pictures are and who's baby. Then she said oh,is it still in the tummy.

  3. Yes, when you said you felt disoriented today in YW, I was thinkin-Get used to it to Sister! So glad you've joined us crazy pregnant ladies!!!!