Thursday, September 17, 2009

6 Minutes of Heaven!

Okay maybe I've gone to far and maybe I've crossed the line...but it just feels so good and I can't help myself. I'm at the grocery store tonight and I see OK! Weekly with another story about Rob Pattinson and Kristin Stewart from Twilight. It's only 50 cents so I figure oh well why not. It's my 2nd one now. I feel a little retarded and ashamed to have such a trashy magazine in my house. But I just have to know more about them.

I will admit though that the article cracked me up a little about people in general and their mentality. Apparently the couple is in love and wants to get married in real life but producers don't want them to because it will affect people's ability to believe in the on screen chemistry between Bella and Jacob in New Moon. And that it will alienate them from their fan base because girls will know that Rob is unattainable. COME ON! GIVE ME A BREAK! I'm sorry but have these girls really lost there sense of reality. How many famous superstars do you know that marry their crazy obsessed fans????? Any??? It just doesn't happen that way people! Deal! Get over it. Let them live their lives. Don't you want them to be happy?

Anyways sorry I just couldn't help myself. So I'm reading my email and got my Twilight update and it has found a new Trailer that someone has spliced from the 3 trailer's that are released. Monday I found out about the newest and greatest one and now it's even better. 6 minutes of heaven I am telling you. It can be found here

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