Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baking Super Cupcakes

My friend Meredith has this really cool large cupcake pan that she got to make for the Young Women's birthdays that we work with. I got to borrow it to make one or two and have just had a blast with it. I've had it far too long now (I think I am the world's worst borrower) and don't want to return it. But I promise I will Meredith. This week maybe?!

My first try was quite a disaster. Getting the cake out of the pan just didn't work. Try number two still wasn't great. I was talking to my mom and she said "Talk to Megan she knows some baking tricks." At first I was like yeah right, I was the baker growing up. But after I moved out Megan blossomed in the kitchen with me out of the way. So I called her and she told me that if you melt butter and add the same amount of cocoa powder and put it on the pan and then let it dry the cake will fall right out. This is for chocolate cakes of course so you don't get the whole white powder all over your chocolate cake.

I tried it and oh my gosh it fell straight out. So I've made a few more since then and am loving it even more. I made one last weekend with my cousin Ashley over. It is a Chocolate Pumpkin (fall type) cake.

Pumpkin Puree

Chocolate mix

Whoever invented the Kitchen Aid...GENIUS!!!

Chocolate and pumpkin

My cousin Ashley helping me out

The recipe is so large I got to make some cupcakes. They were good.

Look at the perfect cupcake!!!

Orange Zest, my first time with that.

Yellow and red make orange

And one perfect fall looking cupcake

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  1. Excuse me? I don't know anything about baking? I don't think so sis. I'm really good at baking and I like to try new and different things. I have really good baking and cooking skills. Glad I could help you and your baking endeavors. LOL.