Friday, October 9, 2009

9 Weeks with a bang!

9 Weeks starts off with a bang. My first time throwing up! Dry heaving hurts something fierce but not as bad as a shower faucet in the lower back.

So after I am done puking Jared comes in to comfort me and help me get out of the shower without hurting myself again. When he says "you know that's why they say to have food by the bed." I said, "No, it's to prevent puking." He responds "To give you something to puke instead of dry heaving."

Is that true? Is that why pregnant women have something by their bed? I've thought it was to prevent the puking. Hmm...

I was totally fine until I had flem go down my throat wrong and make me start gagging. I was hoping I would make it through the whole first trimester without puking. So close.


  1. Emily, when I was pregnant with Connor I had to eat crackers before I got out of bed and wait 5-10 minutes before I got up after eating them. This usually prevented me from throwing up but did not do much for the nausea. Being sick is good though! It means things are working the way they should be!

  2. I had the crackers by my bed because if there wasnt something in my stomach I thought I was going to die. I thought that helped a lot for the mornings, but during the day (since "morning" sickness is a gross understatement) I kept Jolly Ranchers in my mouth as often as possible. They also have preggy pop drops at Babies R Us but jolly ranchers do the exact same thing and taste and cost less! That really seemed to take edge off the nausea. good luck!

  3. I'm a firm believer in toast. Just nibbling on toast helped me out. Also... room temperature Sprite helped out too. It wasn't great but it helped. I did the Jolly Rancher thing too just like Heather and it was a Godsend! Don't worry, eventually you'll feel awesome!