Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My world as I know it, is changing forever. It's so exciting. With Olga and the baby on the way I've had so many new experiences and will have many more I am sure of.

Yesterday Olga called me to take her to a place in town to have her foot looked at for free as she is doing Cross Country. When we got there for a moment I was like "Go ahead Olga, tell them why you are here and what we need." But then I realized I am the mom/guardian in this situation and needed to step up to the plate. So weird. I told my mom about it this morning and she just laughed. I'm growing up little by little (but at least I still know how to act like a 5 year old).

Jared and I keep thinking about our household and it changing. We are going to have some extremes. We will have a new born and Olga who's a senior graduating from high school. I think it's funny that we are getting to experience both ends of children at once.

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  1. You never know for sure how your children will come to you! I for one am so glad that you brought Olga into our lives!!! She is awesome!!!