Friday, April 15, 2011

Follow Me

My good friend Heather has started coaching Track with me and so my husband being so kind is watching her son Wyatt. Benjamin gets to have a play date of sorts every day now. From what I hear some days are better than others. Benjamin loves to follow Wyatt around which he doesn't always appreciate. Some times they get close together and just watch TV like below. Too cute!!

(Can you tell what they are watching?)

Wyatt has crawled around on the floor imitating Benjamin and Benjamin has tried to walk faster (almost run) like Wyatt. Hopefully these boys will be good friends as they grow up.

This last picture is of Wyatt in Benjamin's bouncy chair. He was able to climb in without any help but getting out wasn't so easy. Benjamin now tries to climb up into it also. Benjamin showed Wyatt how to open the cabinet's behind them on their first day hanging out. Jared then told Wyatt we don't open those which in turn Wyatt tried to teach Benjamin that while shutting his fingers in it. Oops. You live and learn!


  1. Too cute! If you don't have a big brother a big friend will do!