Monday, March 1, 2010

I would rather be...

I'm really bored! Well I don't know if that's the right term. I don't want to WORK ANYMORE!!! Can't I quit right now? Well I guess I could no one is stopping me but myself. I'm on a lot of important projects so that is holding me back from leaving now. Plus we need the money. They say money isn't everything but I tell ya' what it sure is necessary. It's like a necessary evil.
I've got lots of things I much rather be doing. I would rather be quilting...working on baby items...creating some new crafts...painting the the my office...organizing my studio...taking a nap...practicing the piano...making a dessert...and the list goes on.
Yet here I am trying to be responsible and get something done that is work related. I almost wish that it were May. I know I should enjoy every minute of being pregnant and overall I think I am but I can't wait to hold my little boy. I've waited a very long time for him. After waiting years what's a few more months right?! Well it's a kind of torture sometimes because he is so close and I know he's there but not quite in my reach.
Alright back to work I go. But I will be day dreaming about my list of things I rather be doing.

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