Friday, March 5, 2010

Sugar water and blood work!!!!

So today was my Glucose test day! Whoo hoo! Man I was excited! Sugar water and blood work!!!! Such fun! Jared asked me on the way into the office this morning if I was excited? I was like about what? He said "If you have to ask then the answer is no." And he was right. No one has said anything positive about the Glucose drink and I really hate needles. I hate needles so much that last night I was actually making myself sick thinking about it.
Anyways so the timing of my Dr's appointment and when I needed to down the stuff was interesting. I had a meeting today where I was in with the GM of my org and had to present. Towards the end of the meeting was when I needed to drink the stuff. I was already nervous about the idea of presenting and being in this meeting as it was a first for me. Add to that the worry of throwing up or gagging on this drink that I had to down in 5 minutes. I was a little stressed.
So the time was going by and quickly approaching the time I had to take my special drink. I got it out of my bag and tried to be discreet. I took the first sip and I was like oh this isn't that bad. I can handle this. I took another sip and was like oh not so good. I took another one and I was like oh my gosh this is gross!!!!! I stopped drinking for a minute or two and looked at the clock and looked at the bottle and was like SERIOUSLY 5 MINUTES IS NOT LONG ENOUGH!!!!! I had 2 minutes left and a lot to drink still. I just kept going and tried not to look disgusted and then my stomach started to feel funny. I felt like I was going to puke!
I am adding to the Glucose yucky list that the stuff ain't great and 5 minutes is definitely not long enough. I am hoping I pass because doing another round and double the amount of beverage is not kosher.

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