Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am grateful!

I am grateful I am not in a car on Hwy 2 today. From where we live we have a decent view of traffic on Hwy 2. And Sunday afternoon's to early evening are never pleasant. Everyone is coming home and the traffic lights back things up.

Anyways it's been an enjoyable Sunday afternoon. I read for several hours and ate several Oreo cookies!!!! I want more but they are all gone now. Jared and Olga ate a few but it was mostly me. If I keep that habit up I will gain too much weight. My little boy seemed to enjoy them too because he got pretty active.

I made a lot of progress on the scrap booking front. I've got tons to do but I got started on things a week or so ago. I set up my little table in the family room to be able to scrapbook and be accessible to Jared. But the problem is my mess stays out in the open which I know Jared doesn't like. But it makes my life easy enough to stop and just work until I am done. I've gotten through about 5-6 different events now but I still have 8-12 printed off already and tons more to print off. Need to make more time for it.

Yesterday we worked in the Nursery! We finished emptying the room, taped the trim, door, sockets and window. And I scrubbed the walls down. It was a kids room before and there were lots of sticky things on the walls. It's gross how dirty things get.

Well anyways it's been a great weekend. Lots done but still more to do. I am hoping for a light week to stay home mostly and get things done.


  1. What colors are you doing the nursery? That's so exciting! Does it seem more "real" now that you're getting more ready?

  2. I am doing a yellow and green with Winnie the Pooh. I love classic Winnie the pooh and I got a bed set on clearance a few weeks ago at Babies R Us that was no longer there yeseterday. So glad I got it!!! In some ways it's more real in others it's not. I still get hit all the time with this wide eyed excitment of "I'm having a baby!!!!"

  3. Awww, that's so cute! Logan's first bedding was green and yellow too. Congratulations!