Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PUKING!!! Again!!!

I totally forgot about something I was going to blog about on Monday! PUKING!!! Again!!!
Jared and I were driving to work. We hadn't gotten very far and I was crying over some things that had happened. Which was not a good thing to be doing. I started gagging on the snot and felt it hit. I was going to puke! I told Jared to pull over. He did quickly and I threw off my seat belt and knelt down on the ground while pulling the door handle to open the door quickly. I did not want to puke in my car. I heaved a bit and then I puked 2 times. I felt awful! All because I was crying, couldn't breath and was producing snot to choke on.
That's 2 times on the side of Hwy 2 now. Both in very different locations though.


  1. Oh Em!!! You poor thing!!! Only 2 more months!!! I hope we can get out there and visit. It all hinges on Ed's work as you know. We'll figure something out. I think about you often!!! Love you, Leslie

  2. Em- I just love you! I really do. You have such a wonderfully tender heart.. not many people can say they were crying enough to puke.. even though i'm sure it was gross- you gained more points in my book. love ya dear!!!