Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm only one person ya know?!

Work is getting busier and busier! I'm on two high profile projects and each are demanding more time. I was hoping one I could be released from soon but after a call today they are wanting me 100%. Which of course the other project I am also wanted for 100%. What's a girl to do? I am only one person and my job is not my life. I try very hard to make sure that is known.
Another thing that gets me is that I've been slacking over the past month or so and yet they still think I am doing a great job and can't live without me. And I'm like seriously?!!! I don't even feel like I am pulling my weight right now. So what does that say about everyone around me? What does that say about me?
I'm very grateful for the way I was raised and the skills my mom taught me from a very young age. I've been looking back over my last 6 years of work and I've been truly blessed in the paths of work. I went from being a receptionist to being a Program Manager at Microsoft. It's crazy! When I stop to think about it I'm in a kind of awe. I know the Lord has blessed me and my family immensely. I would never have thought I would be here and especially now that I am getting fought over at work. It's kind of funny to me in some respects and in others it's like leave me alone.
As my pregnancy winds down to the final stretch though anxieties at work are definitely running high.

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