Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Going Backwards

So I am going a little backwards! So what?!? Last week I started reading Breaking Dawn because it's my favorite Twilight book. And then I decided to read Eclipse because the movie is coming out in June and I wanted to prep myself for it. Which it was exciting to read that and then see the trailer. A lot of things made sense to me in the trailer once I finished the book. Several parts were more from the end. So I thought that was going to be it but now I started on New Moon because the movie is coming out this month. I cannot wait to buy it and watch it over and over and all the extras!!! It comes out on the 20th but I can't watch it until next month. Stupid No Media month. Which I realize I haven't been totally not doing no media just no TV. :) If I watch it with Olga that's a family thing....hee hee hee!!! We shall see if I decide to read Twilight after New Moon. It's really interesting going backwards by the way.

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