Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

Jared and I left the house this morning around the usual 6:30am time frame. There were no clouds to be seen in the sky. So of course that meant freezing cold temperatures and fog. I love the fog in the morning. It makes things seem mystical! We live in a really beautiful area and the fog just seems to enhance the beauty of everything. We were driving down the valley and I was looking to the left and I could see the tip of the hill (not quite a mountain) and the trees but it was all encased in this fog except one section between the fog layers. I pointed out towards Jared's window and said "It's so beautiful!" He agreed with me.
Well as we progressed along our way to work we climb through areas of no fog and lots of fog but the best part is when we get to Jared's work. He is in another valley so it fills up with fog and there is the hillside behind him. The sun was rising and making things sparkle like diamonds. I long for the time to just run around with my camera and capture these early morning moments forever on film.
I am at work now and watching things come to life as the sun warms up the grass and melts the lightly frozen dew. Birds are dancing from here to there. I love days like today where everything is gorgeous and beautiful.

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