Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eclipse Teaser Trailer

Yes! I know I am pathetic but I know there are others like me out there and some that are worse. I got an email update today with a real teaser trailer. It's only 10 seconds but I love it! You can find it here. The email said there's another one to come out tomorrow. I can't wait!!!!

Yesterday I was online searching for trailers and there were no real ones yet. I found out that if you go to see Remember Me that you can see a trailer in the pre-views for Eclipse. And also certain copies of New Moon releasing in a few weeks will have Eclipse information on it. Remember Me looks kind of good, Robert Pattinson looks good and I found one clip funny about the ash tray where the lady says it completes the room. How on earth can an ash tray complete a room?

I started reading Breaking Dawn again yesterday and I thought I wouldn't be so addicted this time around. Boy was I ever wrong. Still just as addicting! I have to force myself to put it down.

I really don't want to wait for Eclipse to come out I want it now and Breaking Dawn. I sort of wish I hadn't fallen into this world yet. It's the whole instant gratification thing I guess. Oh well, I will have to deal and just wait.

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  1. YES - but just think of what excitement to wake up to tomorrow!! - Valerie - I have to be sure to sign my name on comments like that so everyone doesn't think it is Jeff ;)