Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Thoughts

  1. There's so much to do and yet I feel like no time.
  2. I'm frustrated that I drove all the way into work today for no reason at all!
  3. Debating working from home part time tomorrow.
  4. Will Accenture meet all my demands? I semi hope they don't, is that bad?!
  5. I love my husband! He is so thoughtful and loving!
  6. I love the sunshine! I wish I was out driving in it. Oh wait I will be in 15 minutes. :)
  7. I don't want to make bread tonight. It's a lot of work and if I hadn't come into the office I totally would have...so store bought is going to win!
  8. I've been scrap booking in my spare time and I am so in love with the pictures from Auntie Em's Daycare I mean Photography... :) Some of them look so professional and the kids were so into it!
  9. I'm a grown woman and in control of herself right?
  10. I just want to crawl into bed and read now. :)

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