Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reading Books!

I love to read! I don't read as much as would like or used to (except I read all the, emails, blogs, etc). Reading a book really has become a luxury. I remember reading in all my spare time as a kid. Those were the days huh?! When you had no other worries or real responsibilities.
This past Monday Jared and I stopped at the Desert Bookstore to give Benjamin some time out of his car seat and wait for him to finish before changing his diaper. Of course while walking around I saw a book or two I wanted. Jared told me I could buy one if I actually read it. Hhmmm! Yes I buy books or borrow them and don't read them! Or I read them a little at a time.
Below is a list of books I have read or am reading (just a few, I have a ton downstairs that I've never read and read of course):
The Mozart Effect for Children
I bought this book online from Amazon. I bought it when I was pregnant. I had read a portion of it in college when doing a paper on the Mozart Theory. I still haven't finished it completely.
An LDS Girls guide to Real Beauty
I bought this at the Desert Bookstore. I saw it while perusing the Young Women section. I have finished this book and used it for one young women activity.
Keepers of What Matter Most (A Young Woman's Guide to Living the Values)
I bought this at the Desert Bookstore at the same time as above. I got it after my Personal Progress leader used it at church. It looked like a good book to read and have. I haven't finished it yet. Taking it one section at a time and writing in my journal after each section.
We've Been Waiting for You
My mom got this for me for my birthday. It was and is right on par with how I felt about having my little Benjamin come into my life. I have finished reading it.
All the Time You Need
This one my mom also got me at the same time for my birthday. It was a wonderful short book. I am so re-reading it many more times. It was very insightful.
House of Learning (Getting More from Your Temple Experience)
This is the one I just bought on Monday. I started reading it yesterday. So far so good! I totally judged it by the title and cover. Something about it resonated with me and made me think of a section in my patriarchal blessing.
65 Signs of the Times (Leading Up to the Second Coming)
I bought this one after hearing about it from my sister Tausha. She highly recommended it. I am almost done reading it.
Counseling With Our Councils (Learning to Minister Together in the Church and in the Family)
I got this one quite some time ago. I started it but didn't finish it.
God Wants a Powerful People
I loved this book! It was a great read!
No Doubt About It
I also loved this book. I got it before the one above. It was a great read also.
To Him That Believeth (Claiming Heaven's Blessings)
I borrowed this from my mom's collection some time ago. I seem to do this almost every trip. I will be sitting in her back sewing room (yes she has two sewing rooms) and start looking over her collection of books and poke around and borrow something. I don't think I've given them all back. Oops! I have finished reading this one. It was very powerful and insightful.
For Such a Time As This (Talks from the 2007 BYU Women's Conference)
I've borrowed this one from my friend Sara (which reminds me my friend Meredith has a good book of mine). It has been a great book so far. I need to finish it and give it back. I really shouldn't be allowed to borrow things. I am a horrible returner!!!
The Tribe of Ephraim (Covenant and Bloodline)
I bought this awhile ago at the Desert Bookstore and I started it but I have not finished it. I got it because I am from the tribe of Ephraim.
All Twilight Books
We all know I love these books and have read them thoroughly. Not as much as some people I know but I've read them more than once.
Isn't it funny how lots of books have a subtitle? So currently I am in the middle of reading 5 different books. Plus my scriptures and the monthly Ensign. I was reading the Ensign last night while holding Benjamin. He was getting tired so I took him upstairs to his room and rocked him. I saw my Ensign on the shelf and grabbed it. After a few minutes I tried to lay Benjamin down for a nap but he instantly curled up his face and went all red and screamed. I immediately picked him up and said to myself "You know what, it's okay I will stay here and hold you and read as long as you need me! My quilting will just have to wait as you are more important." I really enjoyed myself watching him sleep and filling myself with spiritual lessons from the Ensign.


  1. hmmm...I seem to remember I told you to keep that book. :-) so, no worries. Do you have an account on I love seeing what my friends and family are reading. You should sign up!

  2. Did you really tell me to keep it? See how great my memory is!