Monday, September 13, 2010

Fighting Sleep

So I am working part time now and doing it from home. This is week 3 and things are going pretty good overall I think. Benjamin and I are getting a pretty good routine down. He will hang out with me on my lap while I work. He will lay on the ground, sit in his chair, swing in his swing, watch TV from his swing and nap. Benjamin really is such a good baby. I worked really hard on my downstairs family room/office this weekend. I am trying to get it organized to help Benjamin and I be able to hang out together and get my work done and his needs met. So I've rearrange my work station and finally got my antique crib set up. Things are starting to come together. I also got rid of a ton of papers! I recycled them! I think I got rid of a total stack of papers about 5-6 inches deep. My friend Sara would be so proud of me!!! I am getting better at getting rid of things little by little. Baby steps.
Anyways when Benjamin is being cute or doing something I want to capture I stop working for a few minutes and record him. I am going to post one video today. It's super cute to me. I have a video before where he was asleep but woke up when I turned the camera on. He refused to go back to sleep while I was recording and he also refused to let me hold him and put him to sleep. He was so tired but fighting it as best as he could. As you can see the sleep won out in the long run.


  1. Aw! He's so precious! Why is it that you can be making loud, normal, everyday noises and the babies don't even stir? But the minute you try to be quiet and make an accidental, small sound, they wake right up!