Monday, September 13, 2010

need another ring

I got the best text ever today!!! It was a simple picture. A picture of my...RING!!! Jared decided to look for my wedding ring tonight and he found it within 2o minutes. It was buried in the bottom of Benjamin's bassinet under his clothes. So it probably fell off while putting his clothes away weeks ago now. I need another ring to hold my wedding ring on now because it can obviously fall off. Since I lost all of my baby fat it has been just barely hanging onto my finger. My mom wears a smaller ring in front of her wedding rings to keep them on. Jared suggested getting it resized but I figure I will go up in weight again with the next baby so I rather not.
Anyways I am just so excited! I was really starting to get worried that it had fallen off at the store or church and was gone forever.

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