Sunday, September 5, 2010

4 Generations

I can't sleep! Benjamin and Jared are both sound asleep so I figured I would blog. I am tired but my mind won't let go of things.

The last weekend of July/ first weekend of August my family came into town for Benjamin's baby blessing. We decided to have a family party at Flowing Lake. We've come to realize that if you can party outside it is better since the kids have places to play and there's plenty of space. But wouldn't you know it the weather didn't quite cooperate with us. It was gorgeous the day before and the day after if I remember right. But it was cold and tried to rain a few times on our party. It wasn't horribly cold just cold enough that you wanted an extra layer.

Anyways we had fun sitting around eating food. My Aunt Cindy held Benjamin for the first time and was quite taken with him. My mom was pretty jealous because Aunt Cindy got him first. Can't be slow when there is a baby around huh?! Jared went off to fish as he had recently gotten his fishing license and was starting to pick it up as a hobby. He is leaving during the 5 O'clock hour tomorrow to go fishing too. Crazy! (On a side note, I think it's funny how he, Terence and Jared's Dad seem to go through hobby phases together....that's a blog for later maybe.) Dominic and Kailee (my little cousins) and their friends went down and tried their hand at fishing on separate occasions. Jared said that Kailee and her friend were trying to fish with things they found. Discarded twine, branches, rocks etc. Jared let Kailee use his pole and she was bored pretty quick. Obviously the fun of fishing for them was the game of making their stuff. I remember my fishing days and it was more about doing things than really fishing.
My sister Cathy brought her little BBQ and pop up tent and set up camp. She has a ton of camping supplies and is a pro at camping in style. She brought the fixings for smores. I had 2-3 marshmallows. They were so good. They just made me crave more. And for the next several weeks I was craving roasted marshmallows. I finally fulfilled my craving this past weekend at Lake Chelan. MMMM!!!!

My brother Karl and his wife Tausha came up from the Boise area with my mom. It was the first time they had come up here. It was great to see them and hang out with them. Tausha and I both agree we did not have enough time and are looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Alright enough gabbing...time for pictures.

4 Generations! Nana, Granny, Mommy and Benjamin!
This is my sister Tausha. Isn't she beautiful?! I love her so much! She is so amazing!

This is my niece Jillian and her older brother, my nephew, Blake. They are both so adorable and precious. I got a few really good shots of them while they were playing in the trees.

Here is my brother Karl hold Benjamin. The sun finally came out so he was giving him some shade with his hat. Too cute!

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