Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary! 5 Years!

Almost 2 weeks later and I am finally going to write about my anniversary. Jared and I celebrated 5 wonderful years of marriage on August 20th. At the beginning of August while cleaning I found my stash of gift cards and certificates to various places. We had $100 dollars to a few different restaurants, mostly in Seattle, that we had never gone to. We never went because of the locations and not being overly found of Seattle. And since we now had Benjamin I figured my chances of going were even less likely. I debated posting them and selling them for cash...I was thinking like $80 dollars for $100 dollar value not bad eh. I hadn't spent any money so I was gaining some cash to spend wherever I wanted. Then my thoughts went to our anniversary and I began to plot.
I scouted out the restaurants and their menu's online. I decided on The Met (aka The Metropolitan Grill)! I planned for Jared to go to work with his co-worker so I could pick him up after he was done. I called the restaurant placed our order (after figuring out semi casually from Jared what his favorite steak was) and drove to Seattle to pick it up.

While driving to Seattle I got side tracked by the speed of the freeway and the beauty of the day and missed the 520 so I took the I-90. Which turned out to be awesome because I love those tunnels. It was a gorgeous day! The sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful blue. I couldn't help feeling good and smiling. It was a great day to celebrate our wedding!

Traffic was not bad at all so I picked Jared up earlier than planned but who would complain getting off of work early. We decided to go to Farrell McWhirter park in Redmond since it was close and I had two $50 dollar steaks in the back. Jared did not want them to get any cooler than necessary.

The food was delicious! I brought everything to make it a nice picnic. Napkins, place mats, silverware, steak knives, cups, juice, water, and a salad with dressing. I went a little overboard but that is how I typically am. I love to make it fun and memorable.

Benjamin had fallen asleep on the way to Seattle and slept through everything. We finally woke him up after we were done eating. We wanted to walk around the park and show him everything. It was a trip down memory lane as this was the same park we took our wedding announcement photos at.
Benjamin starring at a horse!
Benjamin and his Mommy!
Benjamin and his Daddy!
A nice family photo!

Jared got me two dozen roses! They smelled amazing. I made two different arrangements.

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