Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunshine and Family Time

I love days like today! I got up late hung out with my family. Enjoyed the sunshine and ate some great food.

Benjamin today was trying really hard to put the battery into the Xbox controller. So proud and so worried all at once.

I decided we were having hamburgers for dinner. Jared suggested that we make some buns too. I looked up a recipe and went to work. They were pretty good. We've really started making a lot from scratch. Refried beans, tortiallas and now hamburger buns. We are trying to make our money stretch and use our food storage.

After dinner we went to the park and Benjamin had a blast playing on the slides. We started with him on our laps but eventually he was next to us sort of on his own. We still held his hands. Except for a few he was really on his own and one of us caught him. He loved it!!!

This is the face of a boy who had some of his momma's Oreo Shake. MMMMM good!

Again I love days like today. Just none stop fun and family time!

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