Sunday, September 29, 2013

Quick Recap and Arches National Park

It's been 3 in a half months since I last wrote a blog! I've thought of writing many times but it has fallen to the back burner with so many things going on. Quick summary my husband was accepted to BYU in Provo, Utah and so with that we moved to Provo. We moved this summer at the beginning of August. Moving is a lot of work and when you have kids it is even more work. We are still working to unpack but the basics are pretty much out and so we are able to function.

Being 35 weeks pregnant I only have so much energy to do anything each day. I've been blessed to have my job at Microsoft (through Accenture) continue on with me while living here in Utah. So not too much has changed for me in that I work my day, while raising our two kids and trying to keep the house maintained. I have my good days and I have my bad days. Thankfully the kids have adjusted to our new home very quickly and are having fun.

See what I mean! A ball of energy!
No problem running up the stairs!
About two to three weeks of living in Utah we went over to the Arches National Park for a day trip and had a great time. We left in the early early morning hours to be sure to get there early enough to beat the heat. It was a good thing as I couldn't do too much once I got hot and even the kids became a little sluggish. The park was beautiful and even just driving through parts was amazing. We saw license plates from all over the country (we so could have played the license plate game and got most of them).

Daddy kept a tight grip on Benjamin
here. Behind them is a straight drop
off. One of the few times I really do
worry about my son getting hurt.
Benjamin had a blast! He is just one great ball of energy that is hard to keep up with at times. With going so early in the morning we hope the kids would sleep. Ha! Benjamin stayed awake for most of the drive over kicking Daddy in the back of the seat, flapping his arms in excitement and babbling non-stop. He knew we were going somewhere and anytime we leave at odd hours or pack up a bunch of stuff he knows we are going to have an adventure.

We found our favorite arch with the kids was in this canyon where it was shaded, breezy, and had lots of beautiful red sand for the kids to play with. I was reminded again that Benjamin gets his adventurous spirit from no less than his Father. Daddy decided to climb up on top of one of the arches just for the heck of it. He almost made it to the top when some people showed up so he got down so he wouldn't ruin their pictures. He climbed a few other places and Benjamin was bound and determined to not be left behind. Elizabeth and I were content to be left behind and just chill and play with the sand.

FYI...this park is not meant for strollers. We ditched it.
Mommy, Elizabeth and Benjamin under Sand Dune Arch.
Daddy getting up to climb on top of Sand Dune Arch. Getting up there was easier than getting down.
Daddy climbing other areas just because he can!
Benjamin just wanting to keep up with Daddy!
Elizabeth so happy and content to play with sand and rocks!
Double Arch
It was a long day but one that was definitely worth it! Everyone had a great time and it was wonderful to witness the beauty of the earth that we live on that God created for our enjoyment.

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