Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

Every week at the beginning on either Sunday or Monday Jared will ask me what the schedule is. We had a fairly busy schedule at first and then the week was going to calm down.

Scheduled Week :
Monday - Piano lessons at 6pm
Tuesday - Relief Society Activity at 6:30pm
Wednesday - Jared had a unemployment thing to attend at 1pm and I had my presidency meeting at 6:30pm and my young women activity at 7pm
Thursday - Invited to a partylite party at 7pm
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - Nothing
Sunday - Ward council at 8:30am and church at 10am

What actually happened:
Benjamin got sick starting Sunday night/Monday morning. So I canceled my piano lesson for Monday.
Tuesday Benjamin was still sick so I didn't attend the Relief Society activity. We went for 3 drives that night to get Benjamin to sleep.
Wednesday I got invited to go to the park. I did that for about an hour with Benjamin. I canceled the presidency meeting and went to the young women's activity for a little bit with Jared and Benjamin. Benjamin fell asleep on the way there.
Thursday we went to Azteca for lunch to celebrate Jared's mom's birthday. And in the afternoon I walked to the park in town and back with a good friend of mine.
Friday at 8am I met with the local high school's athletic director for a coaching position. 9:45am I left my house and drove to Seattle for a coaches clinic.
Saturday I am attending 3 more clinics on the shot put and discus.
Sunday I will attend my meetings and church.

It's funny how your plans get changed so easily. The week kind of went in reverse. Not much going on to busy busy. Oh and Benjamin cut his first tooth on Thursday! I felt it on the way home from lunch. So it explains being sick and extra clingy to his mommy.

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