Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rainbows, Pudding and Benjamin

I am taking a break. A break from making bread to blog. Well the bread is taking it's break actually so I thought I would finally post some pictures I wanted to get up a few days ago. Back to the bread though really quick...It's really kind of therapeutic making bread...more specifically the kneading of the dough.
On Thursday I looked out our back windows and saw it raining and the sun shining. I said to Jared, "There is a rainbow somewhere!" He respond, "You are correct." We decided to look around and see if we could find it.
And find it we did. Just out our front windows.

Jared brought in my workout steps from the garage (had to clean them off of dust and's been awhile since I used them). He put them in front of the living room window for Benjamin to be able to climb up and enjoy the view. Needless to say Benjamin loved it!

Benjamin enjoys being on our laps at the piano but I think he enjoys being there on his own.

My little prodigy.

Wednesday I made some brownies with a peanut butter pudding topping for our young women's activity. I had leftover vanilla pudding that I had put in my fancy brandy sniffer glasses. I love fancy glasses they make things feel elegant or just more enjoyable at least.

We let Benjamin have a taste and he became a beggar. He was relentless. We had fun watching him beg and giving him little bits of pudding and whip cream (the homemade kind).

After our afternoon dessert I decided I would vacuum. Benjamin was super clingy and I knew if I vacuumed he would be fine. He followed me around the upstairs and tried to climb the vacuum when I stopped.

It was a great Thursday!

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