Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Pink Teddy Bear

So I've been trying to clean things out a little and de-junk (well it's not all junk but you know what I mean). I had a large box and a bag full of stuffed animals. I decided to go through them and see what I could part with. Man this was emotional for me. I took pictures of all my animals and dolls and then put them in front of the door to pile them up.

Benjamin had fun playing with my stuffed animals. I also sent them all through the dryer before letting Benjamin play with them. His favorite is the pink little teddy bear. Not Jared's favorite but what are you going to do. I think it's funny out of all the animals and dolls he picks the pink bear.

I just love this shot because I feel like you can totally see him talking to my old Christmas Panda Bear. Benjamin absolutely loves my 1" foam paint brushes and hanging out in empty or full actually laundry baskets. He also flipped them this night (September 18th) to climb up and get on top of the TV stand. Such an active boy!

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